Daily guidance

“How wild it was to let it be”

Cheryl Strayed

This morning the Honeymoon period is most definitely over!

I am sore and raw, physically, emotionally, energetically.

All the while it remains my womb that continues to release these cycles, held for so exceptionally long within me.

The emotions I had refused to feel with each loss and the raw power behind them.

I feel them, it, me, all now they are no longer “festering inside of me”

Even in my subconscious.

Last night I had dreamt I was walking my dog who subsequently transformed into a black horse, down the streets of old memories.

Becoming tired, no longer holding him back by his collar but leading him, I avoided the very thing I longed to do.


The freedom that comes from being coordinated with such a wild energy.

As a result we both became lost and exhausted, passing many herds roaming free, we kept going, searching for our own place.

Returning to my Soul family, I waited for my mother to come and collect us.

Upon waking I had, from a feared perspective, wondered if I was going to lose my dog, or that I missed my mum.

True but from trauma, a smaller aspect of the message behind the dream, I observed the whole scenario from a higher perspective.

My dog- loyalty

The black horse- Feminine power

Avoiding freedom that comes from riding this energy within me.

The result- exhaustion

A knowing, despite wanting to belong, I needed my own space.

Returning to my own tribe to wait for guidance from my mother, my creator, Pachamama.

This morning it arrived.

My radio turning itself on, Florence and the machines playing in the background.

“The dog days are over, can you hear the horses, they are coming. So run fast for your mother and your sisters and your brother”

It was time.

To get back into the metaphorical saddle of life.

To feel all the things I hadnt.

In my own healing and prayers, removing any logical label placed upon my emotions, they became the pure energy they always were, with no judgement.


That coursed through me to all areas needed.

Visualising myself as pure light, I shuffled the Tarot from this space.

Becoming stuck on a card, I wasn’t surprised to see the Knight of Wands!

Asking how to best ride the energy of my own spirit, selecting from behind the Ten of Wands, I tuned into the image without looking.

Realising I wasn’t going to share any messages this weekend, I heard- “make this about you”

Holding the card, I began to shake, old energy releasing with ease, my dog licking and chewing from the healing in the background, I yawned as I finally allowed all of me to flow.

Asking for a message I received “what do you need to hold space for whats being asked of you now”

I felt joy, freedom, innocence, the beginning of a new journey as I turned over the Fool.

Today look at your loyalties, are you one of them.

Truly, unconditionally, with everything you feel.

Are you wild and free or being led by a yearning to belong.

At what cost.

We are all being asked to hold space for the Feminine within us, the power and guidance needed from Pachamama, our mother.

Fighting this, ourselves and each other will only cause exhaustion to the herd I-AM-unity.

May we all remember the Innocence of our place here, start each moment anew and release any loads that are now to much for the Earth to carry but truly feeling with awareness onto what we are holding.

In deepest Munay



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Are you ready to re-wild?

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