Daily guidance

“ The World will ask who you are, and if you don’t know the World will tell you”

Carl Jung

I’m feeling surprisingly well this morning.

Physically understandably sore, as though I have had my insides removed, because I have!

But energetically, well, clear.



Yesterday despite my fears, I listened to the guidance.

Because I trusted the experience of the person holding space.

A consultant, that from the start, had been Divinely guided into my life, by sheer “accident”

As a result, high as a kite, I left my body, in the presence of my mother.

In this space, feeling no pain, or able to observe it from such a high magnitude, I guided my consultant to areas that had been causing me discomfort, during my colonoscopy.

He listened, without Judgement.

The result, an additional three, unseen growths removed, five in total.

One, that I had known was the cause of so much going on in my body, hidden, “not there” yet found located near the most blood-filled area of my bowel.

One of the most complicated areas to treat should it develop any further.

As it was removed, I felt the visual black sludge it had shown me leaving my body, weeping, as my own Soul returned, I vowed to trust my body.

Our connection.

It knew.

I knew.

Always had.

This is my, our magic.

True, pure, intuition, which comes from acknowledging what we feel.

Who we are.

Meditating on this, the huge gratitude I felt for prayers finally answered, I knew there was still a journey to be had.

My endometriosis had cleared from inside my bowel “miraculously” despite being deeply infiltrated.

But the scar tissue, as a result of healing, externally had been evident not only during the procedure but this morning in yet another cycle.

The next stage, for us all.

2022 the removal of anything that binds us from our own gifts and light, from our own physical bodies.

I felt deep acceptance and trust in myself and this process as I shuffled the cards.

Selecting from behind the Eight of Wands, the woman of the World card, poping her head up behind it to be seen, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Feeling clear, swift energy as my Crown chakra opened and I found myself in the very vibration I had yesterday during my procedure I heard “Your ready to see your own Magic now, who you are”

The card was Justice.

Today tune into your body.

As a healer and Medicine woman I cannot stress this enough.

Without Judgement or rationalisation.

Listen to your consort.

What do you hear.

What medicine is required.

May we all recognise our place here as the healers we are, and find those that appreciate this to hold space while we re-connect to our Soul’s.

May this deliverence bring the balance we have all been seeking for the World around us.

In deepest munay



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Are you ready to listen to YOUR body?

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