Daily guidance

The illusion of perfection is an illusion anyway

Amy Adams

Today I have to take my medicine.


In the form of laxatives ready for my bowel procedure to remove polyps that have been there for eleven years!

It feels like an unnecessary purge, loaded with artificial sweeteners that will cause my body to flare up in pain.

All as a reaction from needing to see things clearer!

As I drank my last cup of tea this morning ( us Brits, everything is better with a warm cup of tea!) having discussed shadow work with a dear friend I could see the relevance to where I am right now.

The true grief needing to be released as predicted in this week’s video.

The over sweetening of artificialness in relation to what I am feeling.

What my shadow wants me to truly know now.

The continued scrutiny, exploration, poking and prodding of my body, my emotions, thoughts, spirit and the judgement behind it all, that causes me to fight myself.

The lack of acceptance of my initial senses, wanting them, me, others to be portrayed somehow “sweet-her”.

Sugar coating the Feminine within me.

I’m not frightened of the procedure.

I’m frustrated at the impact.

But I’m dreading the drugs, the medicine, the lack of control based on my history of allergic reactions and multiple chemical sensitivities.

I’m aware of the “need for them” expressed by the “powers that be” and their lack of trust in my own body being reflected back to me, all for the ease and comfort of others.

Monumental clarity not only individually but collectively.

Meditating on this, asking how to best navigate the energy, shuffling the Tarot I selected once again randomly from behind the Ten of Wands.

Tuning into the unknown card, hearing the song “heal the World” by Micheal Jackson and the words “being aware is enough” I felt a deep sense of calm.

Eyes drawn to the flower, again, upon my intuition journal, I recalled how I used to draw leaves all over my own books.

Spreading like branches over the pages.

Asking for a message I received “let them grow now, these conclusions you have drawn”

The card was the Knight of Swords charging headfirst into the Ten of Wands ready to cut down the overwhelm restricting the view that had come from carrying too much, underneath it sat The Magician.

Today slice through any illusions blocking your perception, including your own.

Release any judgements they have been placed upon.

May we all witness and allow the manifestation of a healed World to grow, by looking at whats truly behind our beliefs, the desires that burn through us and our place within the belly of Pachamama by clearly viewing the emotions in our own cup.

In deepest munay



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What illusions do you need to see through?

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