Daily guidance

This neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.

John Bradshaw

Today I feel my cycle, both physically, mentally and spiritually is draining me.

Yet I also know it is part of me.

That requires nurture, acknowledgement and gratitude.

It is this mother-in me that can appreciate the wisdom of my own perception around my own internal changes and the reflection within my environment.

It, I, we are shifting in just how this is portrayed.

This week’s video I spoke of the matriarchal wound in relation to a hole outside my home and it’s ongoing healing both of Pachamama the eternal mother, and my own journey.

The aim, to connect to a source, a well-being, of deeper communication and flow.

At the end of the recording I pulled the four of wands.

The message, to celebrate, dance and be free with all aspects of our own Spirit.

Today on my daily walk, there as clear as day, over what had once been an eye sore, a gapping earth toned flesh open wound in the Earth, lie new ground and four pillars, four wands, holding it steady in place.

The deep connection to my own vision being reflected back to me was profound.

The knowing that we indeed create our own reality, Eden, the energy being channeled in preparation for next year.

Choice around what love truly means and how in-vision it for ourselves and others.

My dreams last night had seen me carry a child down from the light and observe as the Queen and her mother, the same person, woke to a camera in her face!

Meditating on this, shuffling the Tarot and selecting from behind the Ten of Wands, I knew with deep clarity the card in my hand, was the one, that I needed to now see.

A snapshot of what was occurring.

Tuning in without looking, surrounded by water, there was a hidden undercurrent, something blocking the flow.

Feeling a deep inner strength from my own childhood, eyes drawn to the peony on my mantlepiece, I began to intuitively smell the card.

Asking for a message, writing it in my own intuition journal, I received “it’s time to see whats going on, be aware and we will show you, you are more ready than you feel, trust this”

It was from my own inner child, she had finally, after many heart-breaking, separate years, decided to open up and trust me.

The card was the Six of Cups.

Placing it back in the pack with a deep resonance of surrender, I, on many levels, opened my eyes.

I felt ready to protect and bring down this light within me.

Today see your emotions for what they are.

The undercurrent of any flow.

Not the tasks you have or must achieve, but their impact upon what you now carry forward for those to come.

If we are to truly support the next generation it starts with the love and care we have for our own children, the very aspects of ourself we create, ourselves included.

May we all take the time to smell the roses, through the “nous” of our inner child’s wisdom and see the true sovereignty of sharing this return to innocence with each other.

In munay


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Do you need help smelling the changes in the air?

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