Weekly guidance

This week’s energy video highlights the importance of being content with our own vision and aware we only see what we need or are ready to comprehend.

The energies are of detachment, to observe the Sacred witness within us.

We are being asked to in-vision the future based on each ever-changing moment.

Here we can hold space for a large karmic clearing in regard to mothering or the Matriarchy, heal the wound, whatever it may be for us all through acceptance and taking forward of the gifts of our Ancestors that come from this.

Collectively there is a need and “just” mourning occurring in regard to the relevance of our own Soul’s now on an expansive level.

We are encouraged to not use the things we may feel unable to change as reason to not focus on what we can, especially through comparison of the past or each other.

It is “safe enough” to try again provided we recognise should we “fall” it is part of the process.

To navigate any scattered unravelling we are being guided as always to bring it back to the self, with the compassion available from “tough” or Higher love.

The feminine, now unbound, is purging any dis-ease from the bowels of what started the restrictions initially, to allow them to come to completion.

There is much rising around “sisterhood” and how the feminine views herself and each other through their own masculine!

In short, we are being asked to view all aspects of creation including the crone or elder within us that holds space for all cycles through the one flow that connects them all, our emotions.

Feeling is the crucial element at this time, not only to reconnect to our own Spirit, develop a new emotional intuitive intelligence, but also become a clearer more constructive channel of this higher communication.

The end is in sight, the irregular changes occurring may leave us feeling as though we need to prepare for any scenario, in truth we do, but can only do so by addressing them in each moment within the wiser, grown, evolved rites of passage we have been trained for.

We’re not going mad!

Old structures are falling away for a far bigger reason… choice, of our Soul’s and their purpose here.

To facilitate the evolution of service we offer by being what we came here to do and recognising with great appreciation, this is different yet united for us all, even if it may not seem this way.

All we need is love, it is the I-AM-Unity required for a currently emotionally sick world.

We can no longer avoid the water of our Spirit; it is time to hydrate by realising it is this Soul language that we are here to discover and re-learn what it means truly to listen and act accordingly.

In deepest munay


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