Daily guidance

Play the picture in your mind, focus on the end result

Rhonda Byrne

This morning when I woke, I found the plans for the day hard.

Not only could I sleep for a week with the eclipse Full Moon energy I was having a potential third cycle this month!

The vibration leading into 2022 feels like a constant bombardment of shifts, continual contractions If you will, as we enter what is the full dilatation of this year in preparation to deliver changes needed.

Yet there is no real birth yet, waters may have broken, crowning may be occurring but the “end result” is yet to be seen.

We remain in a stage of transition, allowing a stretching with minimal trauma of what we are creating.

It can almost feel too much, it did for me this morning, yet there is no going back, the Universal waves are there in the background urging us to keep pushing.

Like any labour the change will occur regardless but every now and then with the guidance of these nudges we are being encouraged to feel into the act of bearing or is that hunkering down, grounded our actions into the very Earth beneath us.

The key this weekend as mentioned in this week’s video, is to look at who or what our birth partners are and exactly what  we need to feel safe enough to get through this process.

It’s a well-known truth that all births are aided by oxytocin,  the love hormone.

This Eclipse we are being asked to increase or look at, the amount  and type received, through our own endeavours.

Is it natural, empowering manageable or artificial, impatient and overstimulating.

Are we still encouraging a shadow formed, eclipsed, birthing style, or have we truly learnt what it means to be a midwife, to facilitate and be  “with woah-man”

It’s no surprise that today is international men’s day, as the masculine sun covers the feminine moon, like the eternal lovers of next year, together this Sacred Union is now more present and riper to conceive through all we have learnt.

Never has it been more crucial to hold space for our vision to be born, which comes down to how we nurture and support this individually and collectively.

This morning for myself, staring into my to do list, it  seemed overwhelming, yet now, far earlier than planned, I am done.

Following the nudges, moving with the waves of self-care at a pace that was manageable my environment has been “nested!”

I am ready

By doing my best in each moment and keeping my eye on the outcome.

I had shuffled the Tarot during my own meditation earlier, and share their guidance now having picked with ease one unknown image from behind the Hierophant, I had immediately received “focus on the end result”

In my minds eye whilst tuning in without looking at the card in my hand I had seen a bricklayer, building a house wall and heard “never forget what you are doing or why”

The card was the Four of Wands.

No matter where you are in your own labour and transition, today, here, now don’t forget what you have conceived and grown over this year.

Take the time to ensure you are surrounded by energies that will aid you to keep your focus, including your own and adjust your position, to ease any pain, accordingly.

Maintain an environment for your creative dreams that will welcome your deliverance.

May we all remember what it is we are trying to achieve Universally as the midwives of Pachamama and celebrate each action as they occur.

Brace yourself!

In munay


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