Daily guidance

When we deny our stories, they define us

When we own our stories, we get to write the ending.

Brene Brown

I woke this morning and made the ultimate altering decision of my life.

My perception

It had come up in this week’s video that I have no struggle being in the Underworld, the space of the shadow, the raw nitty gritty, but that I, like us all, was being asked now to look at exactly what energy I was focusing on.

Ultimately the power I was giving it in my life.

So this morning, new journal in hand, I have decided to write another story.

To release the one I have been living, knowing it isn’t all mine but also grateful for the journey it has delivered.

Will it be easy, who knows, but it is something within my own achievability.

Because it’s my choice.

To determine my own perception.

The lessons and hardships or the gifts gained.

 The hope, the faith, the believe in myself and Pachamama.

Meditating, having removed myself from a “comfortable situation”, watching the light return as the sun rose, just like every morning, I couldn’t help but feel the symbolism.

Noticing my journal had no space to record the weather, like the one before it, hearing the song “ everywhere you go always take the weather with you” I shuffled the Tarot and selected from behind the five of Pentacles.

Feeling a different energy towards the guiding Archetypes in my hands, hearing them chat away about how to work together, no change was needed on their part.

Like the Earth around me they had been a solid foundation throughout my life, connecting me to something far bigger than myself.

This knowing expanded my heart, allowing a download of almost Galactic, clear, crisp energy through my body.

Tuning into the unknown card, I saw a puppet held by a huge hand and ten strings followed by my own reflection in a mirror, as a lion or Lyran even.

Finding myself in a cave full of drawings, I felt great love for a language I knew, as old as time.

Asking for a message I received “re-connect to your own symbolism”

The card was the Ten of Wands, underneath it sat The Fool

Today know that our energy can only be manipulated if we allow it.

To do so means we are unaware of not only what is occurring but our own stories and powerful connection.

It is this that leaves us faithless, hopeless and without direction.

May we all realise that we are the light that continues to rise regardless of the lessons and are here to support not only each other but the very story of our existence based on the choices we focus on.

In deepest munay


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