Daily guidance

“Some people survive and talk about it. Some people survive and go silent. Some people survive and create. Everyone deals with unimaginable pain in their own way, and everyone is entitled to that without Judgement.”

Nikita Gill

The last few days I have been, what I would once call poorly, but now know as upgrading.

My ear that has been blocked for as long as I can remember is finally shifting alongside my teeth and face all down the right side.

The masculine.


What we hear, say, and show to others

What is heard, shared and seen.

In my own healing and prayers this morning I found myself in deep silence glancing towards the horizon outside.

Thinking back over the last few days I had been triggered, necessarily, to see how far I had come and what I was willing to let go of in order to evolve.

My beloved mum feels less close to me now, no that isn’t true she no longer feels separate from me which on a human level masks itself as not “being here.”

I have seen many social media posts judging other “spiritual teachers” for not behaving in the same way they do, yet also reciting we are all here to play our individual part.

Yesterday, having watched the film Eternals I could see how in the next six months the Celestial energy was going to be portrayed, the hope and belief in something greater.

This morning, I felt pretty done.

It was time to view past the horizon now and yet for some reason I kept returning!

Tuning into the energies that have moved on the last year through my family and animals I could see a huge similarity, they all believed in people, loved them unconditionally and didn’t judge, living their life to the fullest and helping others do the same not by be-littling them but helping them to rise.

In this way they didn’t keep each other small, but reminded them of their celestial vibration.

It was this I was mourning and would continue to if I remained held back in the energies I was currently seeing and feeling collectively.

Shuffling the Tarot, placing my feet on the ground as guided, I ironically selected from behind the Seven of cups, Mourning.

Tuning into the unknown card I saw a hooded figure, a warrior.

Removing the image from my hands, held in front of my mouth in a sshhh position I heard “this doesn’t need to be silenced anymore”

Seeing myself download light and crystalline DNA upgrades as I walked through and out of a cave in front of me, I felt huge static energy in my Crown Chakra and needed to raise my vibration beyond this space to ask for a message.

Here I heard the lyrics to “free your mind- before you can read me you’ve got to learn how to see me”

The card was again for the third time this week, Judgement, behind which sat the Two of Wands.

Today, please, take a moment before commenting on the journey of others, what they offer, what they believe and in short who they are.

We have all been through huge significant losses over the last few years and are in a state of mourning.

Grief for what was, which is a Sacred process and different for all, but has NO room whatsoever for Judgement.

I pray with all my heart we see each other truly through the eyes of the Great Mother and stop this unnecessary pain.

We are being faced with a new horizon, always.

 2022 will ask we connect to this higher wisdom be it the Angel on the Lovers card or the Devil we know.

Which will you choose, all will bring the light, the cost is what we lose in the process, let’s not allow it to be each other.

In deepest munay


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