Daily guidance

“Thirsty for attention is a cry of loneliness”

Toba Beta

I feel disappointment this morning.

Not just my own but collectively.

Especially in regard to the unseen masculine, an aspect that rose in this week’s video.

 The forgotten actions that we do every day without acknowledgement.

Having woke late, despite achieving so very much yesterday, I began to berate myself.

The inner critic, the voice that is never enough.

Isn’t it amazing how much focus can occur on the things we havent done!

Every evening I praise myself for things I have completed and yet in comparison it never matches the force of the aspects I havent.

Tuning into this, this morning, gums aching as much as they had a year ago when I had shamanically journeyed into the mouth of a snake ( average day) and been bitten by its venom, I realised my bowel procedure is on the day of thanksgiving.

The irony.

Removal of an emotional block in relation to gratitude for myself and endeavours.

Shuffling the cards, selecting a pack I had searched for yesterday, recognising the message in this alone, I selected from behind Judgement.

Feeling into the image without looking I saw in my minds eye a DNA ladder made of kundalini energy and heard “keep going”

The guidance and the card felt flimsy and thin.


Going into this further. I found myself in a desert, protected from the Sun, with an intense pain in my right gum.

Here, mouth dry and pained I received “what do you thirst for now”

The card was the King of Wands, the Adder, depicting two coiled kundalini serpent rising.

Today highlight the very things you have delivered over the years

How do they correspond with the parts you havent

Let them coil around each other, forming the unity of your path.

May we all realise the tenderness and gentility required for the lonely parts of ourself that do not feel good enough, recognise they are blocking our own light, and feed the thirst for more gratitude for ourselves and each other, it is here we heal our own Sacred Masculine.

In munay


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