Weekly energy report

It’s time to start again!


This weeks energy ( video below or on you tube) suggests we stand by who we are, what we know now and re-design and decide the World we are bringing in by looking at what we focus on, how and why.

To examine the supportive systems we have in place be it within or around us that may have secondary gains in regard to holding us back.

Change is coming, as always, this week we are be guided to make decisions in each moment and do our gentle best.

What one thing do we need to focus on now for the greater good for all, ourselves included.

This week speaks of rapid transformations if we allow space for them, the players have changed or will this week through the shifts of the feminine, it’s up to use decide what wisdom we have gained and the game we are willing to continue playing.

If we are aware of unnecessary pain and stress, by knowing what is actually going on for ourselves, we can remain open to the large heart expansion occurring mid-week, necessary for insights from last week to end.

We are being asked to look at our own inner child especially in regard to the masculine and our actions to truly facilitate the divine Feminine, Pachamama to become the guiding patriarchy behind us all with her voice being what will truly guide us from the underworld occurring.

Until next time

In munay


#tarot #weekly energy #soulmidwife

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