Daily guidance

I am not what happened to me.

I am what I chose to become.

Carl Jung

How do you feel about choices

Are you aware of the long-term impact in each moment

In last week’s video I spoke of looking to the past to see how far we have come.

Yesterday I felt something shift

A sliding doors moment

I’ve always known the past is perceived through the eyes of now and our future is based on this

An infinity structure of time with us, in the very “soul” centre.

Collectively this week, never will it be more apparent just how important the decisions we make now will affect the very world we are creating.

Feeling into this vibration this morning, having been woke by my cat calling, constantly speaking up for what she needs in each moment, having done my own healing and prayers I leaned into the guidance available.

Selecting the nearest Tarot deck, rather than “search” for what would ultimately be the same answers, I tuned into the clarity in front of me.

Wondering if this energy would be “enough”, as if it somehow needed to be more complicated, out of my own grasp, I observed my dog.

Lying on his back, paws in the air, like a superhero, I smiled as I shuffled the cards.

Selecting from behind The Lovers, tuning into the image in my hands without looking, I felt my own energy become lifted and expanded.

In this space I heard “ what choices do you need to make today, start there”

The image was Judgement, Karma.

Today feel into where you are, now, in this moment.

Allow your own vibration to rise beyond what was or is to come.

What decisions have or could you make now to return  to the Hero of your own Karma.

May we recognise that all questions and answers lie within, shed our collective past, bite only that which we can chew and create an Eden for humanity for generations to come.

In munay


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