Daily guidance

When you change the way, you look at things the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

I didn’t journal or tune in yesterday I had become so busy finishing a reflexology course and completing this week’s college work that I didn’t have the time.

Having a moment to myself, now, having cleaned through, tidied the gardens, walked my dog, showered and eaten prior to an EFT session for a trial I am doing, I paused, breathed, and looked in to my body.

From this space shuffling the Osho Zen Tarot I felt deep calm, grounded, relaxed energy as I connected to my higher self and selected from behind the four of swords, tuning in.

Doing just that, holding the unknown card in my hands I felt a great peace wash over me.

Hearing songs related to the sentence “this love” my mind wandered as I began to question what this love is.

Felling agitated and confused I asked for a message.

Placing the card to my third eye as guided I received “see with all of your eyes”

The image was the seven of wands reversed, stress.

Today breath, pause, look at what is going on for you within your own body.

Start making peace there and allow it to ripple out to your external situation.

May we all real-eyes the image within us trying to be delivered, what we love and the balance required to continue doing so, and may no one or situation including the busy monkey mind of stress burst this bubble.

In deepest munay


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