Daily guidance

When you know yourself, you are empowered.
When you accept yourself, you are invincible.
Tina Lifford

There is a deep serenity in the air this morning as I wake with my alarm to a fog filled morning.

Despite being shrouded in mystery outside, I can make out the outlines and structures of my surroundings.

I know them, their changing seasons, the voices of the birds singing in the hidden bushes, the mist that will eventually clear.

I love this time.

When the world sleeps.

When deeper understanding and connection is available for those willing to strain their eyes and open their vision.

Undoubtedly my favourite part of any cycle.

The unknown.

Today I have a very dear friend coming for a healing.

11.11 at 11 felt deliciously poignant.

The higher vibration resounding through my home, the space is ready.

I didn’t feel it.

What would the session hold.

Such energy, what would be required of me.

The foreseeable fog evident around me, I went into meditation.Wondering what modality I would be required to resonate with, Angelic, Sounds, Crystals, Atlantean, Shamanic, sounds I knew in reality all I needed to do was connect to my own elevated frequency.

My Higher Self.

The outline of which I knew so well as I received this vibration.

Visualising an older, future yet past guide version of myself, a medicine woman, a healer an inner-vironment it had taken some time to accept.

In this space I shuffled the Tarot, guided to go within to my inner cave, full of lotions, tools, fire I selected a mirror as suggested as I was asked “in here, what do you see”

Feeling a deep serenity and peace, knowing the structure of my own reflection, I selected from behind the three of cups.
Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, finding myself sitting bolt upright as the words “Divine channel” downloaded into my very being, I wondered why the images had stopped.

Receiving “ your vision has become an embodied knowing” I turned over the King of Swords.

Today go beyond anything you have known, to the portal within you.

Lift your energy past the six senses, your own ledge of knowing.

The space is ripe to bring down your highest potential.

May we all embody the true knowing and acceptance that the power has always been in our hands and empower each other in our invincibility.

In deepest munay


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