Daily guidance

The key to faith is what we are willing to sacrifice to obtain it.

Elder Cloward

Can you feel the potential?

Not the 11.11 portal….although…that’s pretty intense.

Can you feel the potential of you.

True to this week’s energy video, I have looked back over the last twenty-four hours.

I have acted accordingly

Just how I used to!

Rather than berate myself, I am extremely grateful for the much-needed insights, regarding how far I have come.

Something I don’t often perceive, long term illnesses, often feel as though nothing has shifted.

Their dis-ease is lengthy with many aspects and often requires long term, holistic healing.

All areas in one’s life must be addressed.

None more than what is being digested both energetically and physically.

Something I had lost grip of yesterday, having had a “take away”, one and a half glasses of alcohol led me to the bathroom floor where I spent the majority of date night purging!

Waking this morning I feel great!

Not physically, far from it, but emotionally, I can feel how much I have changed.

To confirm this, I found several pictures of a time when last nights activities were a regular occurrence for me.

The difference was shocking.

I had been so very ill, the beginning of my shamanic disease, the lightening bolts needed to really look at and sort out my life.

There was no going back for me now.

As suggested, prior to 11.11 I had reflected on the necessary changes and as a result what was to be opened up to over the next few weeks.

I felt great!

Shuffling the Mythical Goddess Tarot, placing the Queen of Swords, realisation back in the pack, on top of the six of pentacles, success, I heard “Get a grip- realise your body is your wealth!”

Despite mixing up the pack, selecting a card to tune into without looking, I noticed there in front of me sat the same card, the same message.

Hearing thorn in my side playing on the radio.

Feeling a rawness in my throat as though I had been screaming, yet somehow held and loved I asked for a message and received “It’s time to truly listen to your body for it speaks of your calling”

The card was Sacrifice, Mother Mary.

Today look at what you are willing to let go of now.

How would this impact what you are trying to bring in.

Have faith that this perceived sacrifice has shown you all it needs to.

May we all, with deep gratitude, release what once was in order to collectively move forward.

In deepest munay


2 thoughts on “Daily guidance

    • Deepst apologies Melissa, I have only become aware of your question. shamanic illness is a process the Soul will go through to re-direct it back to it’s original purpose often manifesting as a dis-ease in the body or life in order to realign us to our path here. i hope this helps, Deepest munay x


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