Weekly energy report

The true definition of madness, is repeating the same action, hoping for a different result.

Albert Einstein

It’s time to share a greater vision, to maintain balance of the current energies, whilst releasing egoic attachment to outcome.

It’s time to take a long hard look at ourself, to decide whether we are in alignment with this higher perspective.

Over the next few weeks ( see video below or on you tube) the energies are topsy turvy to say the least, an opportunity to reflect and gain evidence-based re-search into, not only what is occurring around us, but of our Souls purpose here on the Earth.

Leading, for many of us literally, into the six vibration of next year we are being guided to look into the taboos of desire and the impact upon ourselves and the World.

We will see changes in climates, not only upon Pachamama, but within our own relationships in particular in regard to sexuality, passion and our choices around what we are creating and our own perspective of this and ourselves.

This can only be done by acknowledging where we actually are, removing the mask of who we once were finally and embracing our unhidden demons.

The Devil within from now until May will demand physical changes to stretch us to our potential through the process of joy which can only come by releasing anything that isn’t in this vibration anymore.

Not external, this will no longer sustain us, but internally through the recognition that we are the bringers of change, and that if we wish to see more shifts for the heaven we are creating here, there is work to be done.

It’s time to grow up, into our Souls evolution.

Focus is the key, there are likely to be many shifts occurring, known and unknown or to occur in relation to “dead wood” we have been carrying ancestrally, let this be the firewood beneath what you weave not the dreams themselves.

Take time over the next few weeks to pause and reflect, especially if uncertain.

Are you/ we as stuck as we believe

Has nothing changed, really.

Is it your own vision that has become bent or those around you, does it need to perhaps.

Remember, no matter how uncomfortable, transitions occur to navigate us towards growth and our true North.

We are in the final countdown of the last eleven years, being gifted the greatest opportunity to bring forth and deliver the highest potential of ourselves.

The seeds have grown, life will never be the same, you will never be the same- thank fully- after all to expect different results from identical actions…well that’s the madness 2022 sets forth to bring up for us all in order to gain the freedom of knowing- it’s all in the choice of our own perspective.

Hold on…. Or not!

In munay


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