Daily guidance

The sacred moments, the moments of miracles are often the everyday moments

.Frederick Buechner

Today I plan to go live in a private group to answer any questions about the EFT trial I am holding space for.

There will be many areas discussed.

What Eft is and what it isn’t

But alongside this the importance of acceptance.

Not agreement.

Acceptance of where we are in regard to the situation we are hoping to change.

Unlike many alternative modalities Emotional Freedom Techniques focuses on the negative!

In order to bring peace to it.

To go there, be honest and open and connect with the stories that are running through our bodies.

I feel honoured to hold space for this.

In each moment.

Be it EFT, healing or guidance for the day.

To truly look at what is occurring within and around me before acting if needed, which it rarely is.

To acknowledge something brings about an automatic shift within us as transmuters of energy, to the distaste of the ego, this is all that is often required.

This morning I felt the blessing of this process.

Shuffling the Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards, I resonated deeply with the energy.Familiar.


The moment.

Where anything was possible.

Experiencing a deep healing and release by merely holding the images to my heart and opening to their vibration WITHIN me, not outside of me I heard “the power of connection”

Selecting from behind Metatron, miracles, I tuned into the unknown image in my hand and felt such love, pride, ecstasy, as I was shown who I once was, how I never thought this day would come, the peace I am feeling with myself regardless of what I feel or experience.

Guided to be in this space, despite the excitement of what is to come, prior to “rushing forward”

I asked for a message and received “it’s time, in this and every moment”

The card was Archangel Zaphkiel, ecstasy.

Today connect, really, to what is occurring for you.

Beyond any judgement, hopes or fears.

To the Divine messenger it is.

May we all find the awe, joy and passion to see the miracles of life in every moment and deeply connect to ourselves as the co-creator of these within.

In munay



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