Daily guidance

The old ones say you can feel your Spirit during a Vision Quest

Dianne Harman

I woke up late this morning.

Well, actually no, I turned off my alarm and went back to bed!

For a moment I switched off the outside World and held in the arms of my be-loved, I rested.

Today I am tired.

A deep Soul weariness, post covid, heavy cycle, new moon in Scorpio tired.

Yet while I am more than aware of things to be done and occurring around me, I feel an intrinsic sense of trust that what needs to come to pass, will.

I feel held in this energy, with no urge to push, fight, become “alarmed” or question.

In meditation this morning I thought back to college last night.

The role playing that had inspired within me a spark of remembrance.

The “drama” that had initiated a long-forgotten skill within me.

Something I had thoroughly enjoyed as a child, the stepping into characters, to see and feel from their perspective.

In fact, minus the embarrassment or concerns regarding how others would view me this embodying different outcomes, or “trying on distinct roles for size” led to an unexpected step on my own path.

I reached out to a local dramatics group!

Feeling more confident than ever that regardless of the “hat” I wore, I had become connected deeply to the foundational version of myself behind them all.

My Spirit

My Soul

In this space I felt ready, I don’t know what for, but in truth it doesn’t matter, I, we have always had the leading part in our own lives.

Shuffling the cards, collaborating with the shamans Oracle deck as guided to see the bigger vision behind what is occurring, my eyes were drawn to the bloodstone and tigers eye crystals on the shelf above me.

Recieving “ your ancestors are within you, the blood in your veins, do not forget who you are” as I selected from behind the card Corn, I tuned in without looking to the image in my hand.

Hearing the hymn, open the eyes of my heart lord ( in comments) I journeyed into my own body.

Face to face with a tree, in its centre a door, behind which I knew sat a field of such beauty, Eden itself, I tried to push for a message.

Receiving “ don’t rush, it is important to know how to get and be here in order to find the answers” I turned over the card, Vision Quest.

Today take a moment to connect to the dreams you have planted, knowing even when you may lose faith they continue to grow.

Face any fears or doubts that may arise, embrace this mortality within you to truly see your own Spirit.

How far you have come

The roles you have played

The vastness of your own narrative

The quest now needed for a brighter vision.

May we all drop our masks, open our eyes to the heart of life, the love, hope and faith within and around us and allow this and only this to take centre stage.

In munay


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