Daily guidance

Do not go with the flow.

Be the flow

Elif Safak

What is flow to you?

Do you thrive on pressure

Chill in chaos

It’s different for everyone

We all have our own rhythm, essential in the United Verse.

But if we don’t find it… well the sound of silence can be the very thing we long for in an orchestra of noise!

It isn’t always possible.

Life happens.

Calling us out

Demanding we rise, even when we may not feel like it.

It is here priorities are essential

The need to know what the very things we strive towards in this busy World are.

 To hear the voice of our own soul calling us forward.

Today my own sang with a to do list that could have overwhelmed me.

Yet now, having finished another course module, opened an online group for my Eft study, tended to my home, caught up with loved ones and practiced my own wellbeing routine I find myself, dinner in the oven, preparing for college tonight, amazed at how small the list actually was.

How quiet the interruptions have been.

By focusing on what needed to be done.

Having some time before starting again this evening I decided to tune into the Tarot.

Shuffling, resonating with the ten of Swords on the bottom of the pack, I selected from behind the Hermit, longing to go within, to rest and withdraw.

Asking for guidance, aware I still have many commitments today, I held the unknown card in my hand as I began to breathe and listen to my body.

Relaxing my shoulders, coming into the present moment, I heard Frank Sinatra singing in my mind “ that’s life, that’s what all the people say”

Unwinding my taught body, softening into the rhythm of my own energy I asked for a message and received “Just let go, do the best you can, no judgement, flow”

The card was indeed Judgement, underneath which sat the balance of Justice!

Today take a moment to ensure you are in your own flow

There is no pressure to be anything but yourself

Listen to this light within you

May we all find our internal focus and utilise this to truly see our own path and in doing so guide others.

In deepest Munay


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