Daily Guidance

“The dark night of the Soul is a journey into light, a journey from your darkness into the strength and hidden resources of your Soul”

Caroline Myss

It’s been some time since I have picked up the Tarot or shared any guidance.

Whilst I deeply recognise their place in connection to the subconscious and the very Archetypes weaved within our society as a reflection of where we are on our current path- the last few months I have been asked to “walk my talk” upon said road.

Guided by my Soul’s vocation.

The void is often a place spoken of.

The present moment

A space so deeply connected with Pachamama, The Divine Feminine, the unlimited place of creation.

Yet how often do we really go there?

Let’s face it, like any journey, especially the one of the Underworld relevant for this time of year, it often takes some encouragement or dragging to truly delve deep into the roots, if it ever.

This isn’t an option for me.

I say so with immense pride and humility.

For to aid others deliver change in their life, I, like us all must first recognise this Soul career requires transitions, skillsets if you will that only come from life’s application.

Regardless of their inconvenience to my human self!

My own this time was to come from within.

Minus spiritual, external aid.

Through the deep resonance of my body as the vessel of this channelling, a valid fragment of the whole creation, yet so often undervalued.

In my time within what many call “the dark night of the Soul” I have faced covid, held space for a nine day family Soul healing, journeyed and embodied the Major Arcana, started my own counselling, gone back to college to increase my ability to hold space, remained on a health cleanse and am in the end stages of completing EFT, massage and reflexology to offer in the new year.

I have walked the Soul or Hero’s journey, in search of a new guide, something deeper, myself.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

In reality I had been avoiding the metaphorical classroom despite knowing “school” had opened again at the beginning of this year.

I had distracted myself, repeated old comfortable cycles under different names and purposes and ignored the calling.

From my own shadow.

Until I could bear none of it anymore!

Not the arguments on media or the social distancing in regard to views and opinions.

Not observed continuation of old patterns so very evident surrounding me.

Even the deep longing for deeper connections didn’t faze me.

What did?


I had changed and not in a positive way.

No matter how much I tried to shift this reality, it was exactly that, real.

Regardless of what name I gave it, the mask I wore.

Something within me had somehow disappeared and it was so very monumental I didn’t recognise the Soul staring back at me anymore.

So I, we, left the World we knew, amidst financial concerns, egoic panic, torturous ingrained ancestral guilt and shame to a place where I could just, hold me.

To say it has been brutal is an understatement.

The shadow aspects of my own psyche have been heard and fed, devouring who I once was at a rate of excruciating beauty.

I had to take a long, incredibly hard look at myself, with no judgement and see exactly what was going on.

Finally, this morning, with another yet almost foundational insight from my Ancestral trauma I could visualise the needed cycle of Death and rebirth occurring, as predicted two months ago, within my family Soul.

It was time.

I had taken the exam.

The one revisited and revised for that I would continue to learn.

By bringing it back into the physical World.

Picking up my beloved cards, placing back the three enthusiastic packs that had jumped into my arms at the realisation we were working together again, I decided on the Dreams of Gaia deck I had been visualising for some time.

The Dreams of the Earth

The wishes for her children

Our Ancestral mother.

Shuffling the cards, asking Pachamama what message she would like to pass on this day, Samhain, the darkest of nights, thinnest of veils.

Feeling the most incredible love radiate from the very core beneath me, observing a picture of myself holding my son on his first day of school I heard “Only this, hold onto the light I gave you, in  times of darkness, never let go of your Soul, let it guide all parts of you home to me”

Shuffling, selecting two cards, tuning in without looking, I felt an emergence of energies.

Emotional passion, a new vibration, coming through, demanding that we “be and feel her more”

Asking for a message I heard the song “electric dreams” as eclectic, and the words “take it to the next level”

The cards were the Seven of Wands and the Three of Cups.

Today as we celebrate the turn of the calendar wheel and reconnect to our own lineage we are being urged to look within, to where the veil is and always needs to be the thinnest.

Past the illusions within

Only by feeling our inner- tuition can we really experience the lessons of the Soul.

Through our own personal interpretation.

 Only you know you

May we all celebrate this and how far we have really come by appreciating all those in our lives, that have walked before us and to come.

May all dreams for Gaia be birthed from this evolved space, for the celebration of all Souls and the light each aspect brings.

In deepest munay


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