Daily guidance

When we become hollow bones there is no limit to what the Higher Powers can do in and through us in Spiritual things.

Frank Fools Crow

I thought I had been hollowed out

The truth is its a continual process

Until there is nothing

For all things have a judgement, even hope

I reached that yesterdayFinally, after recovering from covid, I managed to see my consultant.

The results, a few small polyps that will be treated in the next year.

That was it

All he could do

The pain, scaring and adhesions from previous surgeries, likely to occur again as a result of thier removal.

Wounding from wounding!

The natural healing process

So caught up in this cycle, the pain, the longing to “be fixed” for a brief moment I fell.


I surrendered to the now.

Here I recieved the guidance and ultimate healing needed.

I had failed to see one very valid point.

There was NO endometriosis

My bowel, that had once been fully infiltrated, had been hollowed out.

Not by surgery or medication

By myself

By Spirit

By our connection and working together

Showing me not only who I am, but what comes through me when I am no-thing.

A Medicine woman

Shuffling the Tarot, having realised in my own meditation, I had been concentrating so hard on where I wanted to be I had lost sight of where I had been.

I acknowledged my tools as a healer as the map to my destination.

How they always had been

Selecting from behind the Six of Swords, a woman of duality, connected to all the colours of her hue-man Soul, holding the gift of her own Medicine in her hands, I tuned into the unknown card within my own.

Hearing “keep going” I visualised wings, followed by a woman with an orb in her third eye.

My own becoming a tunnel, through which I journeyed within, I found myself in a woodland.

Greeted my a hooded, masked character, reminiscent of the Five of Pentacles I knew I had come face to face with myself.

My future, my past.

Now, in one moment.

Overwhelmed with gratitude for all I had discovered in my times of faith and hope I returned to the present, with an energetic crow on my shoulder, knowing I had somehow been initiated into its medicine.

The card was the Ten of Pentacles

Today stand into your personal power

From here, compare all options to truly see the potential in everything.

Take responsibility for this, it is your choice to think, believe and actualize, empower and illuminate your life by opening your mind.

Here anything is possible

I pray in this space all comes together with place and purpose, grounded in the strength of true experience that comes from the discovery of the hollow bones we are.

Channels of creation

Healers, Medicine people, Soul Midwives and deliverers of times to come, now.

In munay


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