Daily guidance

You are not what you think you are, but what you THINK, you are.

Brian Tracy

Has that got the mind thinking?


Feel instead

The World has changed, beyond anything I have known in any lifetime- the biggest question is… have we.

This morning I was woken with a sense of Soul dysmorphia, dizzy, the ground beneath me had moved

I could feel something monumental had and was shifting, for the last few days infact, a huge reset button collectively.

But around me, nothing physically seemed to have changed.

Taking this into meditation, I became aware, I’m not who I see myself as.

A very odd, limiting sensation, in this awareness I didn’t feel enough for my Soul.

This isn’t true of course, but one of the steps required to journey, into the realms of the Dark Goddess

So I began the descent

Here I came face to face with my own knowing.

The next level awaits

It is beyond anything I have imagined or thought it would be

Will require a surrender and commitment.

The courage to realise I am no longer to walk a familiar path, the karma has shifted.

The knowing I now require a deeper connection to my Higher self and source, in regards to my own reality.

My perspective of myself

Shuffling the Tarot, randomly ironically selecting from behind the High Priestess, Persephone, The Maiden, I tuned into the unknown card in my hands.

Becoming ice cold, aware of Death, visualising two dragons of transformation I heard “what if you were no longer you”

Sensing the Fool, somehow Wiser, older, I asked for a message and recieved “its OK to let go of what you thought and become what you now are”

The card was journey, beneath it sat choice.

Today let go of who you think you are, see yourself and in turn others for thier Divinity

Release the mental restrictions which in reality have no comprehension of your vastness

Feel, into your vibration, your connection, the path now opening before you.

Decide true self discovery upon your path by seeking the answers within no matter how disorientating.

I pray we all make the choice of awareness, beyond the mind and its imprisoning truths to truly empower the reality we believe and therefore create with determined direction

In munay


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