Daily guidance

Being brave isn’t the absence of fear.

Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.

Bear Grylls

I didn’t sleep well last night

My home was, busy, energetically, all old patterns in relation to this rising.

Waking this morning, I felt a cloud or shadow around my whole being.

Going into meditation, taking this to ceremony, I recognised the vibration.



Sensing this right into my root, I held space.

Underneath it there was change

Something we all want, forgetting the “work” behind it!

Holding space, bringing this frequency deep into my heart, concentrating on all the things that bring me love, joy, connection, grounded I felt my crown expand with necessary aid to transmute this energy.

Drawing on all my journeys reserves, hearing the song thriller in my mind, I knew to not fear… fear.

Shuffling the Tarot, looking at a picture of myself on a roller coaster, I selected from behind the two of Cups reversed.

Turning it upright, tuning into the unknown image in my hand, I felt to question everything.

The fifth agreement

Feeling myself awash with deep Ancestral emotional healing, all lower vibration cleared, I asked for a message in regards to the answers I was seeking.

The reply “does it bring you joy”

The card was The Moon, beneath which sat the Seven of Wands, The Empress and The Hermit

Leading up to the new moon in Virgo there is huge potential of change

The very ground we walk is now shaking with Pachamamas creations.

Many illusions will rise in the shadow to be faced, to release the control of fear

I pray we remain centered through these emotional collective tides, avoiding the need for defensiveness with ourselves included, and become the Co creators of a World strengthened by our endurances not repeated, by remaining in the frequency of that we wish to deliver.

In munay


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