Weekly guidance

Welcome to the trippiest week since the end of the Mayan calendar!

The energy report ( see below) like the journey leading us here and accumulating now, is a long one!

We have walked the path, have we understood or rather experienced it enough on all levels in order to share this reality forward now?

“In-tension” is key this week -can we hold space for the rise of the very things we have been asking for and are we resonating at the frequency required to grow into the creators we need to be?!

The doors are opening, the exit point is the same for us all!

The future!

Are we ready to sit the final exam of what we have been learning for many lifetimes?!

Life isn’t going to be the same the reality is it never is, it is up to us to adapt to this truth.

The potential for our own reality has always been there within our energy, we merely need to accept or become aware of the need to step into this.

If we can take this week’s energy further than our own limited understanding, we are able to deliver a much vaster world than we could possibly imagine!

Trust-in our co collaboration with the United verse- takes time to appreciate and be present in all stages- to truly become the witness and Midwife of our Soul’s deliverance.

If we do not create from this “greater good” energy this week it will tumble for the tower moments, they need to be- the in-ligtenment behind every door that we have closed ourselves off to!

Not all answers will come this week, no matter how much we ask-due to our level of perception, we are not ready to receive them, we may not be met at the level we require also, it is here we must stand in the vastness of our own love, truth and connection- here we must trust our unknown potential.

This divine timing in regard to our own actions this week adds to the experiences of our own Soul growth.

Crystalline downloads increase as we are being guided to remember our original blueprint and share this healing forward.

By being open to all stages within us we truly experience the Cosmic womb of creation and here we manifest for the highest outcome.

By utilising our need to know we can expand our own World from a place of acceptance and awareness- progressively glimpse into the future from this space and fully embrace the end of what we once knew only then what can be, be born from what is- not what was.

Our reality is our business, it is our place to conceive and gestate this, reflect back any disbeliefs now, including our own self sabotaging shadow!

The Divine Feminine takes many forms all spoken within us, find her voice within you and deliver this in all you do.

This week can be confusing in its expansion, pause, be still and held in what brings us joy, if we allow all things to be seen for what they are there is a great potential for change collectively.

It may feel as though we have been abandoned, with dark night of the Soul type energy, in reality it is being held in the unknown our own answers and strength can emerge from within and provide a deeper connection to the sources sought from a mutual level of experience.

These times have been spoken of -warped timelines and the ability to walk them- in order to create a new journey, many hands make “light” work this week- by asking for aid from those that have travelled before us including our past selves we find a place to begin in a place that feels unstructured.

All services mentioned can be found here: https://kirstydignam.co.uk/services/

If we avoid throwing out the baby with the bath water this week,  realising we never loose who we are, merely the lessons,  we continue to see the colour of the world and remain in our grounded hue-maness- even if it may not feel this way to the emotional mind!

Many may be content to stay where they are at this moment, ourselves included, this is the individual choice, at times the more restricted the greater the release- what is vital is being aware of where we actually are not through opression but presence.

Stillness is not restrictive but the greatest gift there is- life!

Through re-cognition of this we can automatically begin to shift!

If we keep our actions aligned, the vision looking towards our dreams, be honest with our desires minus the guilt, shame or lack, avoiding confusion of outside forces, not only do we recall our own wisdom, but we create all that is required for the growth of our Soul

We are being guided to continually check where we are creating  from and whether our energy matches that we are desiring on a higher level, what is good for the individual is so for the collective!

It is only in raising our vibration to collect that we are trying to conceive we will truly crown our sovereignty.

It’s time to rise!

Until next time

In munay


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