Daily guidance

Grace is the power of the Holy spirit coming to us free of charge to enable you to do with ease what you could never do on your own with any amount of struggle and effort.
Joyce Meyer


This morning having woken not really feeling up too much, due to my own cycle, I remembered my own guidance.

Yesterday’s weekly video

The possibility of overwhelm and burn out.

The one thing that could take us forward.

Different for us all.

My own is to be in a state of flow

My h-OM-e

Connected to all parts of myself including my to do list yet unattached to any outcome.

Writing down the things I wished to achieve I took my list-in- to ceremony.

Meditating, feeling into my own body ensuring I was connected to my one thing- myself- I shuffled the Tarot.

Not to predict but create my own future, by seeking guidance on how to best navigate the day’s energies.

Feeling my mother’s gentle presence, the divine essence of her Soul, her great strength- I selected from behind the three of cups.

Tuning in without looking I visualised myself submerged in water, held within a womb,as I saw in my minds eye the nine of cups.

Hearing my mother’s voice remind me I was her greatest wish and Strength to move on in life I sensed my nan and grandad around her now with such joy and happiness.

Feeling so much love directed at me I asked for a message and heard “let us do the same for you- ask and ye shall receive!”

The card was the Knight of cups, behind which sat my own Strength card.

With great support, taking my one thing onwards- grace- I have managed to advertise my offerings including the preparation of an upcoming Sound study day and the use of my own three, new, singing bowls!

Today realise you are and never have been alone.

You need only ask…. And wait for the answer to come.

I pray we all receive the celebration of this knowing within us and move forward, with the one essence of Strength- love- forward onto brighter horizons.

In munay

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