Weekly guidance

Welcome post Lionsgate.


You survived!

Now it is time to win!

Let the games begin!

This week’s video (see below) is in two parts- much like the Lionsgate portal!

 The first half, speaking of familiar wounds that have risen to the surface in our aura, in order to take stock, risk assess what it is we are championing, and re commence our training through our actions.

The guidance speaks of many crossed wires in regard to what we see, feel, and hear with emphasis being on really experiencing what is going on for us now.

Our visions are changing and expanding, this week’s emphasis suggests we embrace our innate sixth sense by using the skills of shamanic sight, the vision of the heart, by grounding into our own Divine Feminine, nurturing our voice and listening to the heard and unheard ( shadow) individually and collectively.

Here we are able to truly see what we are carrying and delivering.

With much fixed energy, we are guided not to be blinded by the light, to look over any boundaries to our own skills, and chase the vision within rather than end up cross fixed on the images of others.

 By taking time to truly see connect and in-body what we are manifesting we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labour this week, with opportunities to tie up loose ends by the weekend.

So what happens when dreams really come true?

 Friday the 13th also occurs this week and speaks of a triple goddess birth, where, supported by the Universe we can move forward emotionally and spiritually.

An opportunity to parent the universal child that we are, seeing our own growth as the way to truly move forward  and allowing ourselves to gestate and bloom.

But first are we willing to go the extra mile for what’s important to us by moving on from the collective shadow of the martyr and sinner.

From now until Christmas if we record dreams and recognise the emphasis behind our visions,  we are able to realise, fully, our role as the keepers of the future and finally walk through the portal of this within us.

By being grounded in emotions and the collective around us we will find there is a difference between steadfast dependable and stubborn in our actions this week and discover the pain behind it.

 Muscles are being stretched in particular the heart, to remain open-  by leaning into this expansion rather than closing it off we are able to shift the blockages of the old patterns that cause tightness and the desire to attack.

When we take time to converse with Pachamama and the medicine of all our relations, we are able to understand the sight that is held for the greatest good.

 By re-learning this art of illumination, opening our hearts, we can connect to our innate skills and realise what we would get a gold medal in and for by looking at what we have been trained in.

 Once this is occurred the metaphorical and quite literal portal can be opened and the hero of the journey, we have all walked can come home

This opening may lead to feeling disconnected but in reality, this isn’t the case.

We are collectively at the last hurdle or push of a very intense initiation and being gifted an opportunity to breakdown what may feel overwhelming into smaller steps in order to climb the wall between now and our future.

The finish line is in view.

There is now, much new energy available for those prepared to stay open and connect to this- in doing so it will flow quickly.

We are required to take our foundations forward with strength, to sacrifice all perspectives in order to create a new, and to truly discover the lessons we have gained in regard to our innate divinity.

Until next time

In deepest munay


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