Daily guidance

Familiarity breeds contempt when pride rules the heart.

Jon Bloom

I love that surname!


What we are all here to do

Grow in beauty from what was once unseen.

Buried deeply in darkness

Cracked open

A mere seed of potential

In nurturing conditions our flowering can be a glorious sight to behold

The environment needed for everyone is different


I’m not so sure

We all need the elements in balance



Connection to who we are

Sure we can grow regardless or because of a lack of these conditions, but it all depends what angle we turn towards

The light behind it all that we follow

The path we walk, our beliefs regarding our journey and the compost we root into.

This morning I woke from dreams of rats!

Turning into baby lions!

Strength from dis-ease

They were everywhere

In my old homes

At different stages of my life


Taking this into Sacred space, to ceremony, in meditation I called back my energy.

Feeling my body catch up with my Soul, an incredible sensation, I saw the dove of peace, the Christ consciousness as my energy expanded.

Journeying through the centre of a rose, finding myself with a woman by a fire, I witnessed my energy “bloom”

Not from hardship but Love, a deep familiarity.

Until we became one person

Here, I knew, it didn’t matter what I did or where as long as I remained in my blueprint.

My potential

My Souls vibration

Open yet detached

Vast yet grounded

Wondering if I could walk this dramatic World with this contented energy, shuffling the Tarot, I selected a card that felt familiar, from between the Nine of Cups and The Hermit.

Hearing kestrels calling outside, knowing the Nine of Cups were my own lifetimes centered around this current one, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Wondering why it felt familiar I recieved ” it doesn’t matter why something feels familiar, but when it doesn’t, for this isn’t you”

The card was the Queen of Cups

Today feel into what brings your heart peace and contentment, excitement is wonderful, but also has the same impact as fear on the nervous system

Allow this familiarity to be enough, for what it is, you and your potential.

The light within that truly supports your growth from a place of Divine flow.

May this new moon return the seeds that were originally planted by the Great Mother, to full Bloom, ourselves, only then will our true journey here be delivered.

In munay


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