Daily guidance

Behind her gentle character the strength of armour was found.

Erin Forbes

What a week!

More ups and downs than a carousel, and yet within this I have found balance.



From patience

Myself, and as a result, own ability to hold space for an energy that used to consume me.

My emotions.

They have been triggered

Opening my heart to the “raw” within me

My Soul

Last night I dreampt of my mother.

Confused, in pain, she opened her mouth, within it sat a horse shoe, with no sound to be heard.

Despite this I felt such relief at seeing her

Recieving her message loud and clear.

She portrayed herself as I remembered her in my childhood, upon waking my heart hurt.

This morning, hearing my own pain, and the grounding this brought me, left me open, compassionate , still AND strong.

Not something many believe is possible

Especially for a Queen of Wands.

A Leo

Often portrayed as exceptionally busy, roaring her needs, there are always two sides to all energies.

Going into meditation, feeling very blessed at my own ability to delve deep into nothingness and expansion. I observed the remarkable affects of this healing within my physical body.

Shuffling the Tarot from this space, placing back Judgement, which had jumped out from between the Nine and Ten of Wands, I reorganised the deck.

Selecting from behind the 6 of Wands, ironically another card linked to my own Astrology, I tuned into the unknown image in my hand.

The cycle of my washing machine beeping it’s completion, I found myself visualising pebbles, the stone people.

Forming into steps, followed by a wavy bridge, I heard ” it’s time to cross now Kirsty”

With great peace I turned over the Knight of Cups, beneath which sat the Queen of Wands.

Today hear your own emotions

With compassion

Remove any judgement

Knowing it is this, be it stories, reasons or logic, that disconnects us from the Divine Feminine within.

Allow yourself to ground into the silent Strength that has come from your journey, not the path itself.

I pray we all cross through this lionsgate portal with gentleness, ease, grace and most of all unconditional love for ourselves and each other.

In munay


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