Do you long to be heard?

Do you feel your own needs silenced?

Are you listening to them?

Welcome to the build up of the lionsgate new moon in energy in Leo!

Have you been “called out yet” from your Soul’s roar?

I have!

The answer, balance, in who I am and what I came here to do!

Deliver potential and facilitate change.step into the midwife I have always been.

Having been so for ten years, physically and longer Spiritually nothing has really changed, apart from myself.

I still have the honour of holding space for creation to be birthed.

My “medicine bag” more full, but in truth the job description hasn’t shifted.



Facilitate the body

Empower the Soul

All within the wisdom of the “wise woman”

Inside each of us.

The Divine Feminine.

That knows what they are hear to deliver but are often unheard.

By the very person needing to listen.


This week has “crowned” many aspects of my own journey and led to the creation of a midwives “womb”

A space, be it physically in the comfort of my home within the country, or virtually, to do what I do best.

It has many names- midwife, tarot reader, sound/crystal/colour/atlantean/equine therapist, Shaman but in truth it all relates back to one thing.


By reconnecting people to the Divine soul they are and restoring balance.

Removing any “obstructions” and aiding their deliverence of potential, be it health, career, relationships or themselves!

I’m delighted to annouce for any one interested in re-writing their “birth plan” and preparing for the changes needed to truly open up to their hearts calling this new moon, I am offering my skills ( links can be found in services or on my Facebook page from the begining of September onwards.

In deepest munay


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