Daily guidance

Machinery is the subconscious mind of the World.

Gerald Stanley Lee

The last few days have been really hard

This morning I woke feeling like a cog in a never ending wheel

The grief process, individually and collectively feels monumental.

Because it is

It is life

When things change, what was ends.

The very medicine of the process

This too, in its very nature, will pass



I do not know

But I know it will

This has to be enough

But sometimes for the logical mind, so desperate for aspects to end, it isn’t.

It is here, we must hold space, by getting out of the way or be crushed by ourselves.

Our views



Here we must embody the very thing behind it all


To truly hold the banner of beauty and purity upon our path.

Let’s face it the last few years, the collective Fool has grown.

No longer naive, holding this ideal as a thought in our hand, we have been guided, urged, pushed to use this as the very flag of our message.

It’s hard

To embrace the very thing that causes such pain, yet it is here the change truly occurs.

The Medicine

In my own meditation this morning I saw my beloved mum.

In the Rowans

Eating her favourite childhood pudding

With such delight and heartbreak

Knowing it would be her last

With tears of gratitude from a pain and joy there are no words for, she smiled at me.

A reflection of the truth of life in her eyes

It broke me

The awe, love and honour of knowing such a Soul

I missed her

Her strength, vulnerability and courage to love despite a life of pain.

My heart torn open with such immense respect and longing I will never be able to describe, I felt my mother’s love.

Breathing through, recieving it, like a balm to my Soul, like her pudding I felt such beauty in the heartbreak.

Wondering what mum would say to me now, as I shuffled the Tarot, emptying my mind as guided, I heard “get out of your own way!”

Selecting the card that had flown out from behind the Wheel of Fortune, I tuned in without looking.

Visualising the film robocop recieving “to serve and protect” I found myself back in the cogs of my mind.

Bringing my energy into my emotional and physical body, seeing myself small in a large wizards hat outside what I knew was the cottage of Merlin, I asked for a message.

Hearing “you are not half machine, half human but all magic” I turned over the seven of Swords reversed.

Today as we lead up to the lionsgate heightened portal look at how aligned your heart and mind truly are.

In regards to your “purpose” here

Your relationship with Source, and beliefs behind creativity or love.

Become the magic you seek by opening to the beauty of any pain you feel and discover where it has come from, truly.

I pray we now transform the bittersweetness of life into the just desserts it always was, a reminder, an opening gateway to the receptivity and reconnection to our Great Mother’s unconditional love.

Thank you my beloved for continuing to birth me

In deepest munay


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