Weekly guidance

This week’s energy video had a special guest- the fly- the very totem of focusing on anything causing us harm now.

Spite malice blame.

An awareness that we reap what we sow, evidence of abundance and prosperity in adversity.

A reminder that persistent consistency in the face of tragedy results in victory.

A warning to avoid being overly persistent.

And a slightly annoying frustration that can lead to apathy or anger.

How often do we wish to swat the fly?

The insect responsible for regurgitating our excess and waste yet also a symbolism of the cure for sickness.

Welcome to the lion’s gate and the true embodiment of the strength archetype.

This week we are being asked to look at what we are feeding from and how this is affecting what and who we feed.

We are being encouraged to feel the needs first, to utilise bullet points with the information coming in, in order to find the underlying message of our own reality.

We are being shown our own annoying imprisonment- where we are holding ourselves back and the love of the divine feminine and reminded that all is a choice that all is relevant to life.

Guided to look and realised that we are the middle ground -the vessel for spirit- The Alchemist of life, we’re being urged to transmute the energy, to look at our own knee jerk reactions with compassion.

This week we are being encouraged to not switch off what we feel but stretch our ability to witness and strengthen the soul by transitioning or rather crowning our sovereignty.

By looking at what strength is, the Leo, the hero, the divine feminine, the very light of existence we are becoming we can see what it is we are trying to avoid.

Urged to take responsibility for our own nature and its reflection in our external environment, there is a call to embrace the ancient energy rising, the gentle strength of great spirit.

 By having courage to stretch our heart and mind we are able to lay to rest the blind actions that come from the misunderstanding of portals or rather increased change, which is happening, now, naturally.

We are in a rehabilitation period, and being asked to look at how long it takes to recover our own heartbeat, for it is this that determines our spiritual strength our ability to return to our core centre connection and it is this we are now being trained in for the next level, by seeing our own growth agility determination in order to embody the change that has occurred

 Only from this presence can we birth what we’re trying to achieve. remaining committed to the dreams of the world we are stepping into the elders we have always been.

 In this we are being asked to take unconditional love to the next level.

Life is one big portal the void of creation, if we allow things to move without causing damage to ourselves or others, we can look at what we are filling the gaps with between each contraction.

 It is here we can align with the dreams of the earth- our souls’ ambition by gaining perspective of our own actions.

Through the recognition of the strength of our emotions as the flow of the universe, we are being asked to think back to our original message, to take things at face value, to know we have done the work and to use the tools we have gained.

As our consciousness expands so do our excuses and knee jerk reactions this is where the work is now in order to truly move forward.

The world is how we perceive it, it is time that we recognise this responsibility now.

What seeds are we planting in relation to the pan-demic, by connecting to the earth our ancestors our bloodline and the strength gifted to us we are being given the opportunity to rewrite the heroes journey for those to come.

 It is time to see the sage within us from the wisdom we have gained by focusing on the light that we are and bringing forward.

This Weekend speaks of deep healing for the defensive, injured, warrior masculine, through the blossoming of our own light and the flowing of our own emotions.

We are being encouraged to allow the pain to rise, to know we are strong enough to hold space for this, without adding to it.

This “lions gate” we are being encouraged to make our- “her, story”, one we are proud to hand down to our ancestors by knowing the true war that we are fighting in the first place.

In munay


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