Daily guidance

One of the flabby lines you hear sometimes is “speak truth to power”

Power knows the truth.

It’s speaking the truth to yourself that’s the challenge.

Barry Sanders

What a day!

I had so much planned I wondered if I could get it all done.

If I had the power.

Yet within my lie an energy that could take on the World

So why the doubt.

Time. What I wanted to achieve seemed unrealistic to my logical mind

Yet in my body it felt… well true.

There was only one thing for it


My power totem

The very energy that could help me maximise my “to do” list in a way that wouldn’t ravage my soul or attack my body

Who was it to be

A lion perhaps

A cheetah

A “busy” bumble bee

Shuffling the deck, heading the song from Dr Do-little I began to consider my plans, what would the animals speak about my running around.

Selecting from behind polar bear, tuning into the unknown card, I saw a flamingo in my mind.

Believing, with some sadness, I may need to rest my knee, I glanced at my dog lying flat on his back and heard “why don’t you chill today”

Reminding myself of my own truth

That these things needed completing

I asked for a message and recieved “balance is key”

The card was Elk

So what did I do, how did I chill?

By In-body-in this wisdom

Not by stopping but standing tall and relaxed

Maintaining my dignity

Listening to my truth with no attachment to the outcome through prescence in each task at hand

In short, I completed my list with time to spare.

May we all have the strength and stamina to remain in our own agility and the determination of truth available in each precious moment.

May this truth be the balance that unlocks the doors to any of our restricted potential

In munay


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