Daily guidance

In the depth of my Soul there is a wordless song.

Khalil Gibran


How incredible

Having woke early yesterday, today I was “late”

Yet, here I am, at the same time, completing exactly what I had then!

Regardless of the time I rose.


The inaudible, at times deafening, beat of man made rythmn.

Often forgetting the Divine orchestra of creation, many of us at one point, feel like a soloist.

Our desired notes

Vocalised by our needs

Based upon a materialistic metronome

We can often feel unheard, losing our rythmn

The United-verse of Divine timing

I really felt this, this morning.

My cat calling out, not knowing what she wanted, singing for the “sake of it”

I felt her reflection collectively and the notice that was being taken of such “noise”

Shuffling the Tarot, picking from the bottom of the pack, where I felt my own changes where currently located.

I selected two cards from behind the three of Pentacles and heard “many hands make light work”

It didn’t resonate

If anything I felt the opposite

This caused friction in my body as I tuned into the unknown images

Receiving “there are many ways to see things”

I held space for the anger and loneliness rising within me

No judgement

Hearing many songs I began to rub the cards together

Like two sticks

Hearing ” this is how the fire starts” I visualised two flames in my hand as a phoenix rose between them

Recieving a song which for the life of me I couldnt recall I asked the cards again and heard “it’s up to you to find it, within”

The cards were the Fool and three of Wands.

Today and everyday remember not all of us sing the same song

Not everyone wants to listen, regardless how big or loud the chorus

This doesn’t remove the magic of thier or your own musical place here

May we all find the Divine rythmn within us, by tuning in to the transformation only available by recognising when we have forgotten our lifes lyrics.

May we know it is only “hear” we become co-creators of a new way forward.

In munay


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