Daily guidance

Only by being true to yourself can you be true to others.

Toni Carmine Salerno

There is something incredibly magical about being the first to wake up.

The moments of silence and peace as the World sleeps.

A secret time between myself and Pachamama, surrounded by her alarms.

The birdsong

The sunshine

The sway of trees and grass in the dawn chorus

The natural call to rise

For me, anything else can be abrupt, traumatic, and total misalignment of who I am.

In this subconscious stillness our sight is often drawn to what is really needed for our own awakening.

This morning, for me, it was Mary Magdelene.

Eyes drawn to her deck and my own soulmates book, I shuffled thinking of the decision card that had been brought to my attention.

Ironically, randomly selecting from behind this, I tuned into the unknown image in my hand. Flexing my injured knee, sustained during the last ceremony regarding mastership I held the card to my third eye.

Hearing “what are you ready to take a knee for” I thought immediately of my family.

I felt my own duty to Pachamama

Pride of purpose for Great Spirit

Yet my heart felt confused.

Building as I tried to filter thier priorities, I stopped.

Bringing back all my scattered energy, sitting in my own “woke-ness”

I knew it was only in this alignment the answers would come.

The card was the real you.

Today know what you truly want

Be true to yourself

Your own Souls mate

Let it sit comfortably in your heart without guilt or beliefs in what you should do.

May we wake to the awareness of who we really are, knowing in here all decisions rise naturally.

In munay


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