Weekly energy report

This week’s energy video ( below) highlights, almost a second chance, to look at the game we are focusing on.

A karmic time loop as a species.

Although it may feel we are up against the odds, it isn’t about winning, rather how well we are defending, how well we are playing the game, and how far we have actually come in planting the seeds of who we are becoming.

Change is in our hands.

We are to step into the vibration of the Major arcana’s in our own lives.

There are huge energy shifts occurring regarding old wounds, blood shedding and the continual desire to fight, rather than hold space for the internal war rising, from Pachamama.

We have the medicine to stop these heavy karmic cycles.

We are being guided to avoid looking to others for how to react but stand in our own behaviours and find our own place upon the field of the games being played out right now, this may bring many changes including this potentially being my last weekly video!

Support this by giving yourself a deadline, call time, from a place of compassion on anything draining your performance.

Accept pride in your place here.

We are being asked to manage our own minds, emotions and responses to the acts around us, and how we choose to be remembered.

It is time to support the Sacred masculine from a place of Divine Feminine Strength.

Let the energy play out.

Keep the balance, there are always opposing forces, know it is how you referee these within you that brings unity.

Allow your own endurances and foundational lessons to connect you to your own mastery.

Release the blame, guilt, judgment and shame.

Listen to the higher heart in regard to messages being reflected back to you.

Power comes from taking responsibility of our emotions, maturity and love are needed.

If we ride it out there is great potential for shift by the weekend:

Observe the clues, where are the breadcrumbs leading you?

Many true colours will be seen our own included.

The game isn’t over. Lip service is no longer enough it is time to be held accountable within what seems to promise a deep healing in regard to karma through grounded heart communication.

Until next week….maybe

But always with respect and munay


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