Daily guidance

She remembered who she was, and the game changed.

Lalah Deliah

I woke with a bolt this morning!

My alarm had changed to the Rocky theme tune



As I did so, I bled everywhere.

I have never known a cycle like it

I pray it stops soon, or that my body copes, in truth I woke feeling cautious of either occurring.

Getting up, the fighting tune still in my head, my own social media was bombarded with judgement on last night’s game.

The players chosen

The missed opportunities

Ironically aimed at those wearing the shirts numbered Justice, Judgement and The Star from the Tarot.

I personally believed England played remarkably

Defending two hours of nonstop possession from football giants.

Through the whole process, exhausted, we only ever allowed in two goals, scored the fastest point, and did something that hadn’t been achieved in half a century

There were no underhand moves, no foul play, and it wasn’t until the end when younger players copied the actions of those they looked up to, that we lost.

As far as I’m concerned, we played like champions.

Giving it all we had with the decisions made.

For me Now, the karma of losing at the shootout, lies in the hands of the fans.

How we re-act

The supporters of the game

Our behaviour, in order to clear the trauma caused so many years ago with our now manager.

A man, who having been there, ran to the side of his team, and embraced those in such desperate need.

Knowing in order to keep the higher vision for the World Cup, it is important to look at how we recover, continue fighting, and prepare for the very game we invented.


Rather than remaining in the grief of what was, through our actions.

In my own meditation, this was homed in on a personal level.

Feeling into the clearing my body had done this last ten days I saw a huge lotos now fully open in front of me.



Wilting slightly

Realising, despite the heaviness, there had been no pain in my womb this month, instead I felt it in my heart.

I passionately believe the female cycle sheds all that has occurred the month prior.

My own lessons had been around self-care, knowing when enough was enough, in order to profoundly change the game, when it came to my body.

Yet now, my own chest pounding from anaemia, I found myself debating taking the medication that would slow the cycle, draining me.

I rejected the answer to my earlier prayers!

Shuffling the Tarot, undecided whether to take another card, I heard “you must decide when this stops” as the Queen of Swords fell out.

Selecting from behind the five of cups, I tuned into the unknown image in my hand

Play the game by Freddie Mercury in my head I recieved “make a decision”

Asking on what I heard “a decision to decide”

Sat amongst very confusing energy, feeling like I could mentally run, my heart felt trapped like the Queen of Swords card, by my own Spirituality viewpoints.

Round and round seeing all sides.

Visualising myself in an iridescent pool, cleansed beneath a waterfall of light, the eight of Wands in my mind’s eye, I felt my own medically trained, midwife self-emerge.

Asking for a message I recieved “let me speak for you”

The card was the Knight of Swords, underneath which sat the Wheel of Fortune.

Today, decide on what you need right now, in this moment.

Avoid your mind running ahead or standing too still, remove the mask to where you are.

Allow the training and medicine you have recieved, all of it, to guide you, from a higher perspective.

May loss lead to change in how we move forward

In deepest munay


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