Daily guidance

Information is knowing the nightmare you’re living in; wisdom is dreaming a new World into being.

Alberto Villoldo

What “more” are you asking for with today’s new moon?

What price will this cost you and those to come?

Interesting energies this morning!

Waking with the Cancerian new Moon, I was guided to really look at the light directed onto Pachamama

It wasn’t pleasant

Far from the dream I hold for her, my relations, myself.

I could feel great anger, regarding greed.

Not just money

Beyond the overwhelming desire to manifest solely for the individual needs

But a holding on collectively to what was “right” be it opinions, ideals, beliefs… in short, our own ethics.

Not those of the greater good.

I have no view on what works for someone, but when it comes to the impact on generations to come… well I get a bit pissed.

There’s no point working from this space, here all I felt this morning was shame, directed and recieved, for actions, and a lack of hope.

Instead I took it to ceremony.

Opening my Mesa, lighting a candle, I began to pray.

First and always for Pachamama

Then my relations

My community

My family

My friends

Finally myself

To have the wisdom to be of service for the highest outcome

By working outside in, a Shaman knows it is only when the Earth is in balance that they receive the flow of joy themselves on a higher level, for all is intertwined.

Not the other way round

That this is the only way generational curses are avoided

It isn’t about the individual, but the seven generations, whether it be beliefs, religion, manifesting or choice.

Reflected in my own Medicine Wheel reading this morning, the overall Ace of cups reminded me to keep this in my heart.

The reason behind why I do what I do, for those to come, for love, unity, for the Great Spirit of us all.

Using a feather and rose found inside my medicine bundle as prayer sticks, I asked what was needed from me, by the Rose line lineage, the higher perspective, the very blood of Pachamama.

Burning a list of prayers for all as guided, in my own meditation, using my Munayki pi stone, to realign my seeds, I re intended for my mesa to hold space.

The part of myself, beyond my needs but that of all

For a World of love, joy, abundance, peace for all.

Wondering if I had done enough, having played my singing bowl and drum, I shuffled the Tarot, ironically selecting from behind the Ten of cups.

Tuning in without looking I remembered the song heard in meditation.

Strawberry fields

Eyes drawn to the word soft secrets on a magazine in front of me I asked for a message.

Hearing “don’t forget the fruit” I answered the door to my postman.

Recieving unicorn charms and an album called “more” I turned over the unknown image on my table, seven of cups, excess.

Underneath it, as I realised the Tarot had reproduced today’s date, sat daughter of fire, the reflection of today’s ceremony.

At this point my tattoo of the Cherokee Rose was rescheduled from my mother’s birthday to the 13th, the day of the Goddess, as I felt the karma of my Ancestors prayers finally answered.

Today look at the light you are shedding.

For whom does it truly benefit

No judgement

Be mindful of the impact of your actions for those to come, how can you be more by holding space for this.

Know any gain, belief, view you hold ultimately comes from the World YOU are creating.

This new moon, I pray we always carry in our hearts and vision what it is we are dreaming of for all.

That even when hidden our gentle strength ensures the load be one of ease and grace.

For it is only this that will light-in our responsibility for generations to come.

May it be so for us all

In deepest munay


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