Daily guidance

Even in stillness there is movement.

Sometimes it takes time for molecules of change to shift form.

Even when it feels like nothing is happening transformation is taking place.


Yesterday was hard.

My own genetic testing, incredibly positive, whilst still awaiting final procedures- the outcome looks good.

My own inheritance, not so much.

After my appointment having been pre guided by Pachamama with numerous signs and synchronicities, regarding a large shift in communication, I came face to face with the harsh truth.

One that shook me to my core.

I didn’t trust my own connection to the earth at the level that was being asked, much like those before and around me.

I reacted in the human way.

Having received huge insight regarding my mother’s health prior to her disease, ironically on the feast day of Mary Magdalen.

The guidance had been ignored throughout her whole process.

As a result I pointed the finger elsewhere yesterday.

Angry at the systems that hadn’t listened, the healthcare that we had to fight as a family.

They had let mum down.

Livid at source, recieving such insights into a world where there was nothing, I could actually do about them.

Great spirit had let mum down.

Disappointed in myself, heartbroken, I hadn’t pushed enough with what I knew, even if it was merely a psychic knowing.

I had let mum down.

Eventually surrendering to the pain in my soul, I realised I hadn’t trusted my own connection with Pachamama.

I hadn’t trusted all those that had walked before me, my mother included, or all those to come.

I hadn’t trusted or opened up to myself.

It was a searing agony, I hadn’t felt before, with two options.

Either I shut up shop, leave this madness, fit in and close off to myself.

Not really an option.

Or I finally open up to everything I am an incredible psychic and healer, with wonderful support, here to facilitate the earth through these changes.

Tuning in this morning there was no pressure from source, just unconditional love.

Alongside the reality that ironically the shifts were already happening.

The decision, despite my going round in circles, like all of our fates my mother’s included, had already been made.

I realised I’ve been subconsciously these last few days walking my own medicine will.

Tuesday my thoughts were examined in the north.

Yesterday many realisations, insights, and clarity led to the healing I needed from the higher perspective of the east, moving me onto the South.

Today as a result my physical body is holding space, not only for my own cycle and release, but large transformation and upgrades that I can feel on a cellular level.

The question gifted behind this for us all yesterday being, do we have the strength to believe in ourselves.

Taking this inquiry into meditation it swiftly turned to love ourselves as I opened up to the energy I so often share with others.

Sending this vibration to all aspects of my bodies, embracing it everywhere. including the energetic ones I found myself in a place of deep acceptance and peace.

Replying to a dear sister’s message regarding change while standing still, I notice the recording was 12 minutes and 21 Seconds long.

A reflection.

The Hanged Man, Christ consciousness.

The Empress, Pachamama.

Overall-  the lovers, choice in how we see our place here now.

 Ironically collecting a new record from just outside my door by Pink Floyd called atom earth mother this morning as part of my regular practise I then went onto and shuffled the tarot.

Selecting from behind the night of pentacles I tuned in, without looking at the card in my hand, the song changes by David Bowie played in my mind.

Stopping to let my calling cat outside and putting the washing machine on fast spin, I received “let the Leo you are call to you hear “her” , this is the only answer , then the changes will flow.”

 The card was wheel of fortune.

The last few days have suggested the need for a deeper connection, not only to our self,  the earth but each other.

For this we require a stillness.

 For shifts to settle and realisations to occur.

  The roar we so often feel in our hearts, is actually our soul demanding we embrace our truth.

 We are children of the Earth the light of the Christ consciousness, held loved, and strong in this knowing.

Anything else is misalignment.

Often it may feel things are out of our control, we may see what is about to occur and feel helpless.

But it is in recognising our own connection to the guidance and wisdom given that empowers us to see the past this limited horizon.

On this new moon in Cancer I pray we focus more on the Voice of our emotions, and less on changing them.

That their wisdom become rooted within our very place here for the sound of the Divine Feminine, the Great mother that they truly are.

 In this space may we know this is the only change ever needed.

May it be so for us all.

In munay


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