Daily guidance

I’m going to rant (or is that roar)

Isn’t that what we say now to make our opinions more acceptable.

Something the upcoming lions gate will be highlighting deeply.

The presence of our voice and how best to utilise it for Pachamama

I’m going to do so through the daily guidance below.

But I’m also going to suggest I am here, if anyone is ready to open up to the collective message

If you feel you need support, wish to rant but want to also move forward, please contact me.

It ain’t about how hard you hit.

It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

It’s how much you can take and keep moving forward.

That’s how winning is done.

Rocky Balboa

Well… it could actually be coming home!

No, I don’t mean just football (although what a game!)

I mean the light I have been fighting so hard to hold space for

Like any final, the closer it gets the harder it seems.

So tempting to give up

To give in

Back to old patterns

Yet, despite the influx of negativity I woke to this morning regarding government, football, the World at large, I can feel something deeper, guiding me.

Keep going

Keep pushing

“Your better than that”

My mum, my rock, my coach, My very own Eve.

Never spoken in a way that suggested I wasn’t enough, she would often say “if only you could see you the way I do, you would know this is just a small part of who you really are”

I heard her this morning, as I found myself nearly falling into the darkness many seem so comfortable to remain in, myself included at times.

I understood it, felt it, empathically, let’s face it the World is… interesting to say the least.

It would be easier to go back to old beliefs and patterns.

It takes huge courage to hope for more, despite what we are collectively seeing.

But this is the one thing we do have, that cannot be taken or restricted unless we choose so.

Harsh but true.

Faith belongs to us, within us, until this is in-bodied we will be continuously disillusioned in all we have placed it into.


Friends, family


Even, dare I say it, football.

But we can find it easier, by being where we are now, in the unknown.

The North of the Medicine Wheel.

This does not include remaining in the past or rushing to the future

It is here, now, the sweetness and nectar of the hummingbird, siwar quenti, our role for our Ancestors to find the joy in life and feed only from this.

I do not mean blind faith, false positivity, but the strength to choose to see the beauty.

In the “I” of the beholder, this is our responsibility.

It takes some digging

Some knocks

Some rises

Hearts ripped open so greatly only love can reside in such vastness

But that’s “how winning is done”

By fighting the Devil in our corner, karma, or opportunity to MAKE not re-live his-story but hers.


The energy coming through already for next year.

The choice to see the light reflected in all things.

Only then will our own restrictions be truly lifted.

Only then will we be free to live in love and reside in Pachakuti, Eden, not outside of us but within.

Only then will we all “be coming home”

I decided not to shuffle the Tarot this morning.

The vision has settled, it’s been there collectively since time itself, stirring the waters would only cloud what was ready to be seen.

Instead I selected the three cards at the bottom of the box.

The hope in our collective metaphorical Pandoras chest.

Tuning in without looking, in my minds I saw the Three of Swords, the past, present, future united in pain.

Hearing the song me, myself and I by Beyonce I recieved “it is up to you to be the change you wish to see, only you can be held accountable, how strong is your faith in this. What have you discovered from the past, how does this aid you now, what are you taking forward”

The cards were the two of Cups, The World and Justice.

Today, every day, remember who you are and go further than that memory.

Your better than that

We’re better than that

May we once and for all see ourselves through the eyes of the Great Mother and have peace within our ability to live a life of joy and unconditional love.

In, a somewhat exhausted, munay.


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