Weekly energy reading

What energies are you really connecting to this week?

From where?

How is this aligned with your own vision?

This week we are being asked to find our own rhythm in the United verse alongside the true Divine Feminine.

The collective energy feels collected rather than collective, and we are being asked the difference between advice and guidance.

We can Only seek this from the level that we connect with our self.

The Earth is speaking, and it’s time to listen, to her dreams, to become the answer to her prayers.

We need to expand what we know, as a parent and teacher not only to ourselves, others but the very ground we walk.

We are being asked to listen to our inner child and allow them to speak.

To release the expectations on the external in order to free our own Hierophant.

Only then can we take response-ability through empowerment.

By stepping into the elder energy available, the wisdom to know we are ready to hold space for this, and our own divine timing.

The energy this week has great crown and third eye expansion potential, to get us from “hear to hear” but it is time to listen by recognising what we are capable of as a species.

It is this that will make the difference between what who and how we ask for help, are we praying or begging

The vibration is very separate this week and we are being guided to connect so that we can realise how it can work for all involved.

The energetic support is there if we take time to ground into it!

The error of suggesting 19 was the moon not the sun highlights the need to see past the illusion of emotional despair, to the light that comes from this intelligence.

We can’t always see the transformation as the gift of growth that it is, but if we avoid rationalising pain and messages, feel into them, and allow them to bring much needed endings, we begin to see their wealth.

 We have the key to our own wisdom; we are being guided not to complicate the lessons this week.

But rather to look at how we bind our own growth and the pain and ultimate medicine within this for our heart.

By the new moon we are being asked to look at the effect of collective emotions and take it to some form of ceremony: https://kirstydignam.co.uk/services/

By bringing down this vibration we are able to cleanse all systems within and around us and their effects on the Earth.

If we utilise our tools our connection here our very light for the transformation to occur, we are able to embrace the mother within us and nurture our own power with the support of the connection we now have to the Divine Feminine.

With the Sirius, not serious, gateway from the 3rd to the 7th of July there is emphasis on illuminating the knowledge we have gained for the experience it is.

Only here are we then able to search and pray from a united heart by connecting to the Buffalo wisdom we real-eyes, the new Earth has been born.

 Opening to this will remove the pain of the past.

Until next week, this weeks video is below:

In munay


Daily guidance can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/middleagedmadwoman

All services remain by donation for which I am eternally grateful, and can be provided here: https://paypal.me/Soulmidwife?locale.x=en_GB

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