Weekly energy report

This week we are being asked to look at why we are still connecting to things that bring us out of alignment.

It’s time to do the work, to really examine why we may be repeating old programmes, to truly wash it from all our systems the collective consciousness included.

If we choose to connect, we are being reminded not to forget to cleanse ourself of energies that remain as a result, to be of aid for the shifts occurring.

We are being gifted a time to address where we are, our own opinions, judgments and stories in regard to those collectively repeating themselves.

By checking where our vibration is and the impact this is having on our surroundings, we may find heavy misguided backward energies, if we see this as an opportunity to discover our own truth, we are able to transmute and discover the individual unique flow.

 This week speaks of a flushing out of our  hidden emotions, the parts of us still connected to a victim mentality.

We are being faced with a turning point, the realisation that many of us continue to individually disempower ourselves.

 By being aware of the underlying shadow that wishes to be seen, we are able to unite to the wealth of our own alignment, to see and be the new world we are trying to create, here we can move forward from the grief that comes from holding onto what was.

This week speaks of large physical lymphatic shifts, that have accumulated by blocking the new stories trying to come through.

 If we hold steady for this, we are able to realise there’s a bigger picture occurring and trust the Divine plan behind it.

Only by recognising our humility and limitations, can we truly surrender to the help wishing to come through, this takes courage not weakness, and as a result a greater connection to ourselves on a Soul level.

Perspective is key this week in regard to what is really being built alongside perseverance and the knowing that forward progression may not be what we expect but that it is still occurring.

The vibration is different, if it doesn’t feel this way, we are being asked to look at why.

By examining our own illusions and the views that we are holding onto we are able to uncover our own light and move forward,  but only by keeping this at the centre of all discoveries.

Caring for the physical connection must come first this week, in order to flow with and provide what we need through our own actions.

We are our own caretakers and as such are being asked to look at our relationship with stress and drama, it is time to move forward from this dogmatic masculine collective by looking at our relationship with creation and how we hold space for this catalyst, the true Divine Feminine, through us.

By examining the impact of our emotions and thoughts, the need to keep them balanced, we are being gifted an opportunity to actual enjoy the chaotic magic available to us now.

Until next week.

In munay


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