The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind.

Caroline Myss

I woke this morning with many plans disorganised.

I had risen late.

Yet some of the cancellations had left me with more time to complete other tasks.

Which ones?!

This was indeed to be the challenge.

My day suddenly “free” I found myself in somewhat of a tis-was deciding how to best navigate my  situation to a point where less could be more, focused and streamlined.

I have noticed individually and collectively much of the same ground seems to be being walked on, with the identical almost repetitive energies clinging on for one last round so to speak.

In my heart this morning I knew there was another way.

The other end of this process.

Sticking to the routine that has worked for me over the last decade, I took time out to meditate, pray and connect to my own Soul.

Feeling the immense power of aligning to my body on all levels by slowing down, not only could I hear my own physical messages, here I connected deeply to my late mother.

Finding myself, painful as it was, receiving her love, her pride, opening me up to the complete circle of grief.

I acknowledged it was receptivity that I now needed to listen to.

The infinite two-way process of transformation, manifestation healing, creation itself.

The release and pause necessary to accept a different story, vibration, alternative rather than rushing to fill this void with old programmes, opinions and ways of be-in.

Changing my prayers from one of release of anything out of alignment to receiving of all that is, I tuned into my thymus.

My higher heart.

Soul guidance from my wild divine self.

It felt enlarged, as though my own I AM- unity centre was being overworked, called to fight my own self.

Feeling a Spiral rise from the Earth into my root chakra and back into this space to heal, I received the phrase “heard immunity- the ability to listen to one’s own body in order to receive the well- being that resides in us all”

Deciding in view of the energy to work with the Wild Kuan Yin oracle for today’s daily guidance I shuffled the deck and ironically randomly selected from behind the sisters of the sacred spiral.

Tuning into the energy of the unknown card  on the sofa by my back, this was in reality what I longed for.

To leave this energy behind me, and yet I knew I couldn’t until I had and connected to what it had to say.

The lessons left to teach.

The wisdom waiting to be received.

Holding the card in my hand without looking, I found myself visualising pure white energy and bords flying as I immediately heard “ be at peace with where you are it is the only way to move forward”

The card was the sister of Shambhala shows the way.

Today have faith, patience and persistence regarding the World you wish to create, if you fill it with what it was it will become what it is- avoid the tis-was of uncertainty.

Know now change comes down to personal and spiritual growth within your own actions.

Avoid overthinking and seek aid from the energies that are and always have supported you.

To do this be open to the trust needed to receive, both within and around you.

There is a deep healing regarding creativity occurring collectively, allow your own will to become aligned to that of the Divine by listening to your heart, handing over to Great Spirit and waiting with deep recognition for the answers you seek.

For today may you  release all situations that could benefit from Spiritual healing to the Universe with love and gratitude.

In munay


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