I’ve decided to add this weeks energy report as a blog rather than on the weekly reading page which can be found here:https://kirstydignam.co.uk/weekly-readings/


Weekly energy reading 22nd June 2021

This week sets the scene, prepare for theatre and get ready to watch the show!

The spotlight is on us and how you nurture ourselves and each other.

Open up to what needs to be heard, the light language we are being gifted to use.

Every day, there is a choice

What are we doing with the information coming in.

 When we look at our ancestry our original blueprint, our Salka, our light, we remember who we are!

Align with this.

We are being guided to listen to what our body needs, and release energy it doesn’t.

By allowing our light to return, ground, and come home to its place here, we Learn through  experience,  more able to pick or highlight the lessons behind our battles.

Here we can open to the depths of  our sacredness.

Evolving into our crystalline body.

If we release the defensive concept of time, that comes from a need to control, birth occurs naturally with sufficient nurture.

Keywords this week




For transformation to occur what was may no longer be, we must hold non judgemental space for this!

We have done the work,  and are being asked to use this wisdom now

To allow the Divine Feminine to weave her story through us.

There are always two sides to any tale, we are not here to crush the beliefs of others but hold space for individuals to find their own truth, and add this to the forward movement of the collective consciousness

Here we see our own strength within the larger emotional intelligence.

We are collectively at the point of change this can only come from harmony of who we are!

Needs will be met but only at their current level

For it is in this space of presence, it will be our inner light that guides us forward

This week speaks of emotional collective energy, open to this now, unite to this consciousness, nurture all our relations so that change may be born

Until next week.

In munay


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