” The future’s not ours to see but create!”

Happy International woman’s day!

How do you see and portray the Divine Feminine?

This weeks brings the potential to find our inner strength and light in the darkness.

All is choice

How can you rise and keep moving forward

Can you truly give the Feminine a voice through your actions

Are you holding a space worthy of her or abusing and demonising the essence of her existence.

By facing our shadows, the monsters we may have created with deep vulnerability we can realise the definition is irrelevant more what we do with it.

It’s time to lay to rest the old systems, patriachy and matriachy.

To surrender to our selves for the creators we are.

By going within we become all things.

Take this time to have patience for yourself and the changes naturally occuring.

Avoid allowing blind emotions, patterns and views to guide you in this space of transition.

See the bigger vision, empower this to navigate your path.

Experience the process for the rites of passage it is.

Look at your own teachings and what you share with others.

Only by going into our own truth and surrendering that which is not will we truly move forward.

Until next time

In munay x

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