Avoiding “war-ship” in 2021- navigating the emotional tides of this Cancerian full Moon

I get wings to fly
Oh, oh, I’m alive

When you call on me
When I hear you breathe
I get wings to fly
I feel that I’m alive

When you look at me
I can touch the sky
I know that I’m alive

When you bless the day
I just drift away
All my worries die
I’m glad that I’m alive

You’ve set my heart on fire
Filled me with love
Made me a woman on clouds above

I couldn’t get much higher
My spirit takes flight
‘Cause I am alive

When you call on me
When you call on me
When I hear you breathe
When I hear you breathe
I get wings to fly
I feel that I’m alive
I am alive

When you reach for me
When you reach for me
Raising spirits high
God knows that
That I’ll be the one
Standing by through good and through trying times
And it’s only begun
I can’t wait for the rest of my life

When you call on me
When you call on me
When you reach for me
When you reach for me
I get wings to fly
I feel that

When you bless the day
When you bless, you bless the day
I just drift away
I just drift away
All my worries die
I know that I’m alive
I get wings to fly
God knows that I’m alive

Celine Dionne- A new day has come

Songwriters: Andreas Carlsson, Kristian Lundi

A few days before the Full moon in Cancer and I am channelling information at a rate of “Knotts” regarding not only the end of 2020, the incoming 2021 ( which I cannot help but smile each time I mention the hope behind it) and the next twelve years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yts_SPwi7k

I have wings to fly.

My coordinates are clearer.

No-thing has shifted.

Changed course.

Altered direction.

Apart from myself.

I have re-turned, the captain of my own sh£$!!!

Removing my own hard outer shell regarding my emotions I have true Crab style found the port and star-board of my own excursion.

Ease and Grace.

Thought is the wind

Knowledge the sail

Mankind the vessel

August Hare

Having descended to the deep of the underworld with a group of incredible Souls’ in a “last minute” break,  with no relevant “past- port” I have arrived alongside my first 289-page workbook- and crashed through my own iceberg.

The doubts.

The “not ready”

The breathing, panting, longing to finally see something through beyond the mist of what if’s.

I have ascended.

Ascension is the triumph of mastered emotions: a process of gaining clarity in the darkness of blind spots and struggles allowing you to perceive with the Karmic intelligence of the Soul.

Ka Chinery

Not spiritually

Not emotionally

Not intellectually


The last aspect upon my own Medicine Wheel

Died in the West and been reborn in the East



To be that which you are is the bath of rebirth

Carl Jung

In this moment for the vast unknown it is and always has been.

As a result my whole being has upgraded.

I have delivered my own Higher Self navigation.

As I look back over the last year, I can see the vision, my vision, me through “her” eyes.

I can’t wait to step into, finally, the Soul midwife I am.

You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens.

Mandy Hale

Yet life seems to have other plans.

Beside my own download of courses, healing codes and the return of energy from lifetimes, I am again finding myself “weight-in” for the collective consciousness, but this time with more empathy and compassion for the reflection it provides.

The anchor for all this to be possible.

The love.

The wind beneath me.

Her- the Divine Feminine- the vibration of next year’s five energy- the Physical- The Earth-Solid- Taurean – my own body and what it needs to grow.

A boat does not go forward if each one is rowing their own way


Replacing the  “broken winged” Eagle this morning on my altar I was reminded of a proverb.

The left and right wing belong to the same bird.

What is the use of knowing these things with no one to share them with.

To venture solo is no longer a “trip”

What price is worth never paying these teachings forward, limiting them with costs on any level, all created by egoic beliefs around old atlases.

Creating a map that produces the same “iconic” land- MARKS.

It is this now that strives me forward.

Breaking “up- on” the banks.

The things I once war-shipped

Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the one worshipped.

Jack Hayford.

My relationships with money, education, religion, the Sacred Masculine behind my actions.

The ability to apply knowledge and convert it to wisdom has given me sea faring “legs” to balance my once motion sickness.

Only now can I truly explore myself and the glorious world I live in and am part of.

Yes glorious.

It is still there.

In each sunrise.

Every inconvenience a chance to slow and flow, “re-rooting” as needed to connect to all things.

Knowledge is the food of the Soul


To sample the me-n-u we are presented with.

To feel into this human skin the knowledge and ultimate teachings that come, not from cards, courses, lessons, but life experience.

The original gift.

The Self worth of knowing we are here because the World needs us to be.

The crew of a much bigger  right relations-ship- with ourselves and each other upon the ebb and flow of emotional existence.

Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.


Today I find myself, dying with great joy as the new begins to unfold.

Standing, one foot in what was, dipping my toe in the shore of what is to come.

The release of stories that have caused such pain within and around me  the very waters breaking upon the once stable rocks of my own deliverance.

The suffering of “not enough” no longer the current-sea!

Caring for my Mother, a Cancerian with Cancer, on so many levels I am finding more and more my own embracement of this Archetype.

The nurturing.



That comes from knowing each swell continues to lead to the light house of my own home.

Acceptance of who I am and where I have come from.

Be guided by the stars which you place well on the canopy of your night sky

Mary  Anne Radmacher

Guided by the Stars of those before me and my children’s children, my voyage is becoming more and more bonnie!

The ripple potential of this Full Moon in Cancer.

The swaying of old surges, gentle and some not so, merging intuitively to one thing.

There are no more excuses for our behaviour.

No rationale.

No reasons or logic.

That are relevant.

If we wish to keep moving.

Emotions are like waves watch them disappear on the vast calm ocean.

Ram Dass

They are merely contractions, “stern” gales expanding and restricting us to cruise beyond  our own perceived limitations.

They are felt!

They will be in the next few weeks.

How else will we be put out to “see”

We are experiencing a veil so thin, like an amniotic sac, between ourselves and each other that emotions can and will merge.

Feelings from the past will push us out into the future.

Be kinder to yourself and then let your kindness flood the world.

Pema Chodron

Like a bird from the nest next year sees the time for many to fly.

Something we often forget how to do.




There will be no doubt, conceptions occurring regarding what we wish to manifest.

Charts drawn up depicting where we would like to tour.

But ultimately it is our ability to drift with the tides that will take us further than our own short sighted periscope could ever in-vision.

For some it will be the tsunami of the collective stream that forces our own ship wrecking, into the next “wave” others may very well be born in the caul and as a result always safe in the conscious creek.

Every sailor will find their own scope and range.

This necessary movement will continue beyond Wednesdays Full Moon well into 2021.

For now, no, always, I do what I can in each moment this includes a return to reading and healing distantly, to ensure “thy wheel be done” available in January for which there is a waiting list to join here:https://www.facebook.com/middleagedmadwoman

The “nous” collective collaboration occurring for many will see the need to drop old luggage and potential re-run of the Dark goddess course in February to aid this- available to those in our group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/200334081120129

Until then all services remain by donation in order to come aboard and cross this current transition:https://paypal.me/Soulmidwife?locale.x=en_GB

Long denied and disregarded you have a deep knowing why you’re here, trust that, the inner voice of your truest self. It leads home.

Jacob Nordby

This week be prepared to abandon a few ships including old ways of navigating.

Be ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

To sail the waters of a choppier collective consciousness.

Trusting that many directions have run their course.

Arriving at one point is the starting point to another

John Dewey

Venturing out to different coasts can be daunting, it is essential we travel “light” to avoid previous ruins.

In order to avoid flood-in, self-care of the very pump that filters our waters is paramount.

The heart.

The structure of the four chambers within us.

Our core pillars and foundation.

The Emperor

Our compass, Medicine Wheel, elemental balance.

May love fill your heart

Compassion guide your mind

Faith rule your Soul

Paulo Coelho

Re-turning to this consistently in order to steer the oceans of potential, past the sunset of what was.

This full Moon guides our crossing, shining light on us as the pilot of our own journey.

We are being shown the importance of  having our own life jackets on before we assume others require “saving”

Gifted passage of our emotional tides, when we are able to surf  the internal waters of change  can we hear the yearning of our own arrival.

Next year sees the era of the Hierophant, Temperance- the ability to move from one realm to another, crossing the internal metaphorical Styx.

If we continue to repeat the waves, we will reach the same destinations.

For those that wish to voyage further than they have been before the “higher” mental winds will not settle.

Spurring us forward they will continue to storm the rapids within until we real-eyes the land on the horizon.


No one gave you the job of steering the river, enjoy the ride and enjoy the scenery.

Deepak Chopra

Only by embracing our internal come-pass, witnessing our feelings for what they are, energy in motion will we experience the desire of our true excursion here.

A deeper connection

An emotional maturity

With our Mother.

The physical vessel that continues to feed and drive us forward.

All our manifestations are the skipper of her lead.

Anything else merely the eye of the storm.

Are you “see-sick?”

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