Three things can not long be hidden, the sun, the Moon and the truth~Buddha

I was hoping to keep this blog short and sweet, albeit  bitterly.

But with this Moon falling in Libra coinciding with Justice in the Tarot, it will be what it is.

Add to the fact it has landed here on the 8th, a double whammy of the numerical Emperor and Strength and we can see that “I’m-munity” is the only true way forward on this Tower or Chariot day.

We’ve had glorious sunshiine all day, a magnificent moon last night and now it seems time for…


 The balance, morals, fairness and human rights appearing now may not feel entirely true and it is only through her total embodiment we can hope to navigate the systems currently being put into place.

I have included many assets to aid with this:

A meditation to release uncertainty and embrace the “unknown” (

All shamanic journeys to date are FREE- including a return to the womb of the Great Mother to facilitate ease, grace and connection (

Collective healing, daily at 20.20

A wonderful Tribe-unal on Facebook where many points of view are heard, discussed and aid provided (

And I am as always in service to Pachamama, here to provide support or assist (

Arbitrations so desperately needed during several collective disputes at present.

And now, I surrender my own evidence regarding this Full Moon.

I began to consider writing something for the case in question yesterday.

Was it coincidental I had started the Tarot journey again and found myself on the High Priestess card?

I’ll leave you to decide that.

I had found all my plans that day completely changed and in far better ways than I could have expected.

Finding a pad to write notes for a herbology course I have started I came across several book structures form years ago and began to fill them out a bit.

I flowed with exercise, writing, study and healing.

I worked through play.

No longer was I severely organised or mercifully procrastinating in my life, I had become both sides of the “argument”and could see all alternatives as one.

I had found the middle pillar.

The place of alignment and healing.

Balance, trust and  representation of my own internal “hearing”.

So readily avoided and so often the cause of soul separation.

The intuitive indemnity, the only place of real inner-surance!

Where control and surrender become the interim of  one’s own innate rhythm or potential.

And here through my own trials and tribulations, I brought something home, hard like a hammer.

I had served my time.

Or at least one aspect of me had.

But it isn’t until today, moving onto the Empress that I can honestly begin to see the release.

The freedom of this “pink” supermoon.

The karmic, cause and effect of a journey that seems to not only taken lifetimes but grounded me into a truer essence of who I am.


By knowing where I am, my place on the Wheel of life.

By eating every morsel, piece of humble pie and dish Justice had to serve.

By taking my “own medicine” rather than seeing it as punishment.

To do that I had to hear the case of my soul.

It called for balance, growth, proof I had seen the error of my ways. A Sacred space, only I could provide in my physical body .

I needed to be my own POWER of attorney in order to truly be free from my own mental imprisonments.

And that took going back into the Underworld, to look at the case in question.

The prison of my psyche.

An appeal  I knew was going to occur in the month of Libra, last year.

I felt it calling, pre-Corona.

Not only collectively but individually, the crimes of the Soul, all souls.

With the loss of my companion, my border Collie, I followed her on a new Fools journey to retrieve aspects of my own I had left behind.

Of course I hadnt realised it completely at the time.

I” just “felt symptomatic that something was off.

All the evidence didn’t add up.

My stress levels were increasing.

I had a fiery temper-ature within me rising.

My chest had become tight with grief.

I had completed so many things yet found myself citing from the same energy.

I was executing myself of change.

The breath of Spirit.

Avoiding cycles for fear of the release, I had become my own dis-ease.

I did also happen to have such an intensive cough.

Ended up with chest x-rays, scans and bloods with no results- which does make me wonder how long Corona has been around at least energetically in the collective.

Something along with many other confusions held in the court of the oversoul right now.

However, regardless of the timeline, the facts remain the same.  What had occurred was most definitely needed, self-defence almost.

For myself a least, and after all this is all we can truly comment on.

My own vaccine, the ability to recognise cause and effect, and what was required individually.

To acknowledge the pin point accuracy and truth that had punctured me and left me with an open wound for the virus to enter.

The realisation I had become my own Karma.

How did I know this, because I had been here before.

It all felt so familiar.

The severe illness.

Money concerns.

Possible bankruptcy.


PTSD as a result.

But it wasn’t the same.

Something had shifted.

I had my own viral count from before.

Which meant I had my own medicine.

A knowledge of cycles, the ” will to heal” 

I had immunity.

Despite the obvious overruling of old systems.

There continues to be Sustaining reasons behind this..

Disregarding the disposition of change itself.

Many theories, far too vast to mention or even discern in one life let alone article.

With avoidance as the underlying Third party.

Not only of the cycles that occur as part of nature but of the virus or rather the infection within us.

The fear or misunderstanding of transparency.

I understand.

I tried.

Avoided the sniffles.

Covered up the cough.

Put the tight chest and extreme emotional tiredness down to the fact I had energetically embodied, as guided, corona into my heart to decipher the medicine.

It wasn’t until last week I realised irrelevant whether my improved health was a result of recovery from infection or a figment of my own imagination: Despondent of the catastrophic “cosmic” causes behind it all or the monumental compensation needed- the whole session had been to face Justice, to argue the case for my  own shadow.

To truly accept all aspects of my soul, unconditionally and open to the court, all the areas I wasn’t prepared to look.

Namely the disbelief I had in myself as my own attorney.

Let’s face the truth, if we really find ourselves at the scene of who we are, no virus, system, or prison can destroy us.

Only the identity.

The ego.

The part of us that we can hold almost accountable at times for our own murder.

It was “time” for me to meet mine.

And to do so  I had to die just a little.

Well a lot.

I accepted my own life sentence.

The awareness of what it is, where it is going, where it could go and the main initiator behind it all… me.

Every thought, belief, fear, possibility rising within me leaving me almost breathless with anxiety.

Each reality a different result of this.

A darkness so intense I knew all there was to surrender.

I had been here so many times before.

In November I recall promising the “next time” I wouldn’t fight.

I would go willingly.

So I did.

I let go.

Of all plans.

Of all concerns.

Of everything I couldn’t control including the evidence of others and the realisation this was indeed everything.

Except, letting go.

This I could decide to do at any point.

And here my shackles were removed.

I continued to hold space, ceremonies, healing, and re uniting with aspects of my psyche.

My remand finally came in  deep meditation.

In the form of a soul retrieval.

Collecting, loving, an aspect I had once seen as deformed, locked away, feared and decided was completely insane.

I recognised this wild woman.

Her fight.

Her feelings of not being heard.



Not only by society, but herself, the ultimate betrayal.

All her dreams, her desires, her pains and traumas.

I had left her beneath the earth to die, hoping she would disappear.

Like the secrets we have all on one level or another chosen to cover up.

And she had festered, rotted, and spread throughout everything I did.

Setting her free by truly seeing her beauty and wisdom, I felt the shift.

My body returning.

My intuition.

My knowing.

My strength in the connection I had not only as a Soul Midwife but Shaman.

Something I have avoided for far too long.

The  Heyoka I AM.

And here I found my own key.

The balance of Justice.

The Sword she holds so loyally by her side.

Strength of her own convictions.

To trust her mind.

To work with her body.

To know her own Soul.

Bring them all together.

Weigh up all angles.

And hold space for what is occurring.

To know, truly know her own infinite law and at times ropes that bind or hang.

This Moon offers us all this opportunity.

To “honour” the Sacred witnesses we are.

To do so we are being given a recess.

To truly be our own Judge and Jury.

To hold ourselves accountable.

Scary but the liberation we asked for.

This goes beyond response- ability now.

Past “arguments” from both sides.

We have all had time to reconvene, right now we must work with whatever facts we have.

Including our own.

Take this time to deliberate.

Look at the reactions of everything you do.

Your complete health:

Wheres your mind- what are you feeding it.

How is this affecting your will and vision.

What are you physically doing with this, how are you sharing, learning, growing.

What are you emotionally ready to heal and release?

Look at your own Wheel, what needs changing.

You are your cycle.

Deciding your own future or at least your view of it which in turn brings that subject to matter.

Is it time for a New World “order” perhaps?!

What does that look like?

What about your own practice?

Lockdown may seem eternal, but it isn’t.

There will be another sentence after this, there always is, nothing stays the same.

Face your accusers, look in the mirror.

Decide what you may or may not be guilty of.

And release it.

Let the growth curve be your own Soul. Be that a new way of seeing family, working, connecting to the Earth, and take what you have learnt to create the change you are looking for.

Know you are not just the victim, or the perpetrator, the Jury or even the Judge

You are your life’s Court of justice.

Expand into this knowing.

You will not only be grounded in the unknown deliberation but become it.

Realise even the word “mune” means to link with the Moon. Recognise your own “I’m-mune”phases for what they are and remember how to work with them.

See the potential for change regardles, not from blind faith but the intuitive understanding of flow.

Of creation, the only Universal LAW and your own rehabilitation from this.

Here lies the Bailiff you have been pleading too, for so long.

Don’t let anyone else take this away from you!

Yourself included!

In munay


Is it time for order?










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