“Nothing is lost until your Mother can’t find it”- Anon

I found this phrase whilst searching for mother’s day quotes online.

Hoping to find  ways to help my own feel as nurtured and loved as she does all of her children, during a time when I can’t SEE her.

And it felt so relevant to the changes occuring at the moment.

The times we are experiencing.

Isolated from our Mothers and each other.

And yet we aren’t in reality.

When we go into our own heart space and hear something we have always known.

The call of Pachamama.

Our Mother Earth.

Even now in these days of dis-ease she continues to show us that all is not lost.

Damage that has been infecting her for centuries releasing within weeks.

The Earth beneath us, as always radiates support, love and lets face the truth here truly sorts out her children, almost grounding them to show  just how life, change, cycles are done in “her house!”

In the year of the Emperor, she is with great awe highlighting what it means to continue sitting on our proverbial throne!

And it, like the virus, will no longer be tolerated.

I recall hanging from my grandmothers bathroom as a child a poem.

A story about four people named Everyone, Someone, Anyone and No-one.

There was an important job to be done and Everyone was sure that Someone would do it.

Anyone could have done it, but No-one did it.

Someone got angry about that because he thought that it was Everyone’s job.

Everyone thought that Anyone could do it, but No-one realised that Everyone wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everyone was angry with Someone because No-one did what Anyone could have done!


Waking this morning with the obvious and no doubt to an extent collective feeling of change on a mass Global level.

I found myself recalling this and wondering exactly who or what was to come.

In truth this reality and potential has been there sometime, but always “outside of our own vision”

Ironically when unaffected we believe we are that-immune yet in all honesty what occurs outside ultimately begins within.

We know this.

I know this.

This morning I could feel it physically embodied.

The moment this occurred I in turn shifted.

Once we recognise something, see it for what it really is, this is what happens.

Our view being all that ever needed to transmute.

My own included.

I am currently sat in my front garden, the sun shining, writing words that don’t “belong to me” to be shared or not, in a completely detached manner, not to the process but the outcome.

Doing “my bit” in each moment, as the glorified “toilet tube” I am.

Something that always amuses me and allows me personally not to take life too seriously, the description often offends people, believing I do not value my worth.

Far from it!

Have you seen how valuable toilet rolls are now!

A metaphor for how important it really is to start wiping up our own… well you know where I am going with this!

I’m here, doing mine, now.

You see this morning despite feeling such a heart felt opening in the energy around me, so many aiding others in a full spectrum.

I had doubt.

A deep inner palette of colours and emotions within me.

Anger- why had it taken this crisis for others to show their true souls.

Guilt– I am one of those souls also!

Fear- what if nothing really changes after this and everything returns to how it was, the fight and separation we are all experiencing, be it financially, physically, spiritually emotionally.

And underneath it all.

My own wound.

A lack of hope or faith in what, change itself.

Never a beneficial quality for a Midwife!

The inability to believe in something being born!

My entry point for this Virus.

The dis-ease within me that causes an imbalance of who I am and what I came here to deliver, my ULTIMATE FEAR!

And that’s what infections do.

It’s how they work.

They take your greatest vulnerability, the one thing that has held power over you and embed itself here so that you keep replicating this on a cellular level.

But what this virus hasn’t accounted for, or maybe just maybe it has, and it is the light it can bring for us all, the medicine, is that the human species can heal.

They can grow.


And nurture each other.


Because they have come from the great mother.


The blood that runs through them formed from her very Oceans, the air their thoughts, the sun their passion and their bodies the very cycles that she initiates year after year.

I may not always have faith in “man-KIND” but I do firmly believe in the strength, love and power beneath me.

We have seen this collectively.

A few weeks and the oceans are healing, skies are clearing, “her” children are coming together in ways that truly threaten to leak my entire soul from my eyes.

We all become complacent.

I’m not immune to this.

We all often believe it is someone else’s “job” to sort things.

But it isn’t.

It is a role, no an honour that belongs to us all, in every way we can, we are vital.

Within us we contain the vaccine.

A “heard” immunity.

Not only from the fact we have been here so many times, be it Atlantean, Lemurian, Mayan, the wars our ancestors fought or our own journeys- but because of the one voice that runs through us all.

The one sound we are becoming re-attuned to.

The call from within.

Our Mother.

When we hear her in our hearts, we become the bridge, the missing T the cup of life or Holy Grail so many have searched for outside of themselves for far too long (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYMCQUT5vnA )

Mother’s Day is soon upon us.

And next week we experience the New moon in Aries.

The Emperor himself.

With that in mind, this morning I found myself wondering what I will take forward after all of this.



Can it be that quick?

Labour, delivery.


All you need is love, oxytocin and there has been a level of this I don’t honestly recall in any of my lifetimes.

It has been an honour to witness.

And reminded me of the Midwife I am and the joy this brings.

But there will come, like any cycle, the next stage, to be nurtured and fed.

And this is up to us.

We are being gifted a time in the next few days to really look at what we are carrying.

What wounds now need to be cleared.

Are we complaining about the lack of toilet roll, sharing ours, hoarding or making profit from it?

Where does that come from?

What  stains need cleaning off

We are sat on our Royal “thrones”, a chance to reclaim our souls on an advanced level, who we truly are beyond all the distraction.

Do we really need to travel all the places we have and increase the carbon footprint.

Did we really require all the food we wasted.

Can we “get by” in this new economic reality and find ways to balance what we spend and receive?

There are no cards to be bought or commercial present this year in my household, I have set up a group so I can speak with my mother and family, we may play games or just be with each other.

It costs nothing.

Yet has come from a great expenditure of lives.

This Mother’s Day I aim to gift a promise that this will not be in vain.

I hear the phrase “come what may” and yes it feels like this process could be that quick.


By gifting Pachamama the thing she has always seen in her children, in me.

To be the change, to get on with what I came here to do.

With that in mind I shall continue to offer healings, readings ceremonies for donation only ( https://www.facebook.com/middleagedmadwoman/)

I am running an online group on Facebook where we seem to be not only building quite a tribe but sharing our gifts with each other in these times (https://www.facebook.com/groups/200334081120129/)

And I am, of late being “asked” to share daily videos with meditations and guidance (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNPor3gbmUJnhLP3PEgBEA)

I don’t know how long this will continue.

I am aware that having Anthony Hopkins playing a piano in my lounge via the internet or learning Tai chi classes for free may not always be a thing of the future.

But I hope, with as much faith as I can channel, that the illusion of separation this virus has destroyed continues.

And together in this Emperor year I pray we truly rise above the Judgement, embrace the Death of what was and unite to build an empire our children’s children can be proud of.


In munay.



Are you ready to “take your medicine?”







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