“Wisdom is found only in truth”-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The world is FULL of teachers.

But all lessons are within.


Good morning!

How TRUTH-FULL are you?

Each and every day I see more and more discoveries and news.  forcing us to look at our own understanding and its very spirit, how it affects all we do and determines who we are right down to our very essence.

The vibration within us.

Our colour if you like.

A chance to look at what makes you- hue-man.

To do that sometimes we need to reflect.

Over our own lives and even those that came before us.

How far back?

It really doesn’t matter, whatever is relevant will literally be with you in each moment.

Like the blood pumping around you any inherited patterns or teachings will affect your beliefs and all you create.

Until they come to your awareness and what you pass on to others.

Yesterday brought up many truths for me, almost like a backwards wheel, in the space of the unknown, aspects were indeed becoming evident.

Or at least I thought.

Today it seems the honesty and clarity lies in looking, really looking and revising  what I believe and how this affects my perception!

I spent the day on the Emperor card, ironically in my pack his head is that of a deer my totem for the North and although I felt incredibly busy all day I didn’t really achieve “much” going around in circles.

Which is perfect as the unknown is a place for mental thought rather than action.

I had forgotten that and where I was on the wheel.

I became caught up in the energy of the NET and like a fly remained trapped for some time despite feeling energetically out of alignment.

One more recording.

One more post.

One more insight or guidance, I had to share this it was from Spirit, who was I to stand in the way.



Or in fact neither.

It comes back to that choice aspect again and knowing what you know, and as such releasing or absorbing it.

Learning the lesson!

Sitting and holding space, rather than letting the insights become your master.

I have always had a “fragile” relationship with authority.

At times like the rebellious Emperor I have fought it, others it has become everything to me, external guru’s who know me better than I ever could.

Whether it is family or education, information in books or from dreams, I have often been out of balance.

Like the Hierophant card I am currently on, I can become enslaved to it all.

It is part of my process, leading me deep into the OM, the void.

But even that can become a task master as I rarely want to leave here despite its necessity in living an actual physical life.

So whats the answer?

All of it!

Life is like the recordings you get on heart machines, up and down, in and out, round and round.

Without these, the peace we believe we are seeking causes us to flat line- despite this being the aim with many anti-depressants, spiritual practices, meditation etc, this ultimately means death.

To the natural cycles within us.

The vibrations.

As humans we have logically split energy into good and bad, light and dark, black and white- but life isn’t like that.

There is a language of colour to be spoken.

It is our place to sit between these polarities and create with the palette we are given.

This is how we journey, the wheel, the fool’s journey, the tree of life, all rites of passage.


We come down we climb up.

We retrieve inspiration from source, a part of our soul and then birth it.

It doesn’t matter how we receive this -or rather the mode, what does matter is HOW WE RECEIVE this.

A longing, a Tarot card, a knowing of your Astrology, wearing a colour, meeting a certain person or obtaining a specific job are merely triggers.

What is important is what we do with this muse.

Do we question it, force it, block it, or open to its own development within us.

Taking this energy and bringing it DOWN!

Through our emotions.

Through our physical body.

Through the Earth to allow her to manifest it.

Without this process, there is no change.

So why the discrepancy?

What we have been taught.

Regarding creation.

And our own restrictive receptivity.

Let’s face it when we go to the “zone” however we do this and feel relaxed and content in who we are- coming back into current “reality” can be a struggle and the body tells us this.

The vibration has changed.

But often our judgement hasn’t.

So, we avoid the energetic colours we have just received and the opportunity to create a different picture.

Trying to be the same as other’s, we fit in to the establishment that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Or go off on a limb alone, where no one gets to appreciate our “work”


Either way we remain stuck on the wheel never truly sharing who or what our soul is and as such never entering the West or moving into the North and a new journey.

We never birth our potential or deliver change.

We all have our ways of creating- some working better with other rays, some working with them all.

And each hue has help, aid, for that range.

An art teacher, that can empower you.

Whether it is crystals, planets, chakras, sounds, numbers or people they all belong to a certain classroom.

What matters is how we perceive school.

How we see this guidance is going to affect what we produce.


When we realise we are our own teachers we start to really create the curriculum specific for us.

With that in mind today seek out your own truths.

Surround yourself with the things or people that bring colour to your life.

Look at your own perceptions, how black and white are you?

What dictates your Will

Is there one area out of balance

What can you do to harmonise this

What would that mean letting go of.


In munay

Are you revising for the tests you have passed?


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