Gong Xi fa cai- here’s to the rats!


And we’ll take a cup of kindness yet for auld Lang syne


Have you?

Drunk from the vessel of compassion for yourself and others?

How loving is your source?

I know there have been times this month where my own cup has runneth over ( from several cacao ceremonies!) and other incidences where I am in severe drought ( quite literally forgetting to hydrate) physically and mentally.

The flow of energies, so vast I am treading water often, managing to find a footing strong enough to understand, drink and share from the magical receptive font bubbling over within me.

With the occasional hint of a rat!

Highlighting exactly who I am as a vessel, what I can contain and how much I leak!

Requiring a channel to focus this through a creative faucet, at times so small, the intensity has indeed left me sieving out anything I do not wish to consume, on all levels.

With the help of a rat!

I knew, in all honesty, this year would be something, but within a month I have stripped more layers of egoic clothing that the many years prior.

This emperor is truly naked, and for the first time ever she knows it!

I have be-come a star!

And am ready for my own souls’ initiation.

Something that can only occur from receiving one’s own medicine, and it would seem, a rat!

You can win the rat race, but you’re still a rat.
Lily Tomlin

Ironically watching Grace and Frankie the other day, a wonderful sitcom where Lily, in her Frank and somehow graceful honest way, developed a toilet called the rise up!

It did just that!

Rose the individual up above the dirty water beneath them.

Empowering the more mature individuals to stand and see things for what they were.


Something this Aquarian moon seems to be serving up, on the double!

So be prepared!

To expect, quite literally the unexpected.

De-Ja-vu experiences including past lives.

Karmic relationships rising to the surface.

Wounds reopening for all to see.

“Energetic” hangovers, that may question your very reality!

And to realize you can rise above it all.


To see just how ready, we are to obtain Pachakutti.

To bring Heaven down to Earth.

To descend or ascend, see not only our essence from the galaxy but apply it to “normal life”

Birthing ideas into the physical, we are being called to be the creators always envisaged and asked for.

For some this month may indeed bring some unsteady ground.

What was once known is no more.

Or is it?

Think of the Aquarian Fool in the Tarot, the zero in this year-doubled!

This Heyoka or sacred clown, asks us to question everything even the way we do this.

Until there are no more answers merely “in” queries for only then can the breakdown of limited ideas truly occur, and the journey begins!



Now you are ready to face backward or in fact move forwards from standing still, your primed, as we would state in the gymkhana arena, to spin round and ride the World!

It is in this space, the void, the shadow behind the New moon appears,( prior to any manifestations, vision boards or plans) prepared to interrogate!

How firm we are in our own reflection and ultimately what we need.

Our readiness to accept response-ability for what we create.

And what Emperors we will BE!

No longer able to come from external reassurance or assistance we are being pulled up from our metaphorical “thrones” and asked to flush the pan of the old once and for all.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself
Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Personally, I am so aware of the yin and yang pull of death and rebirth around me.

The tides of change, not quite here yet, perceived as blocked systems.

Despite crossing into the new year, I never really feel things have begun again until Spring, Imbolc.

I can smell the decay (  and have driven passed several decaying rats this week!) of the old emotional feces.

I am aware it now acts as compost for the new, breaking down all remaining “products” on a  physical level.

But in no way am I prepared to eat the rotting manure of the past!

And yet we so often do!

Scavenging on any leftovers we can, like our friendly neighborhood rodent.

I am therefore so very grateful for this opportunity, to “bare” all, witness what I am pouring into my subconscious, and see the condition of my internal sewer.

For beneath it all lies my filter.

My soul.

My divinity.

Being still and doing nothing are two completely different things
Jackie Chan

All life is change.

Evolution at its finest.

Occurring with or without our knowledge and input.

Be it the Wheel of the Tarot, the spiral of ascension or the hero’s journey, all is part of the Medicine path.

The question is whether we wish to have things “happen” to us or play our own tune upon the road we are walking.

To do this we discover our very placement and the direction we are taking, by, embracing what is yet to come.

Beginning with this original conception, the idea, the breath of life into the unknown.

We form, shed light on the spirit within us and travel the route of understanding through our experiences, apparently releasing all that doesn’t “serve us” assuming, with the aid of Great Serpent, we have fed our rats to the growth and change.

It is here for many that the final aspect of the circle goes unnoticed, leaking, slowly, over years of continued drowning in the same manifestations, the Fool is never really re-born.

Until we become drenched in awareness, wrinkly from absorbing so many what-ifs, upon which the remaining rats come out to feed.

Soaking in a state of liquid potential, that many thirst for yet on arrival often refuse to drink from, Death or rather the misunderstood perception of endings occurs.

And along with with-it grief, longing for what never was.

Knowing in this space of all being possible we too would become limitless and very aware of our own effects upon the waters of life, many let go of the sustenance needed to create it.

Their own unique light.

Belief in themselves and who they are.

What was, into what is, and therefore what could be, becomes the depths within which all dreams submerge and dissolve.

And the rats take over!

Often there is panic here, scurrying of the ego, now falling from grace, to rush through this process.

Seen,  with its potential death looming, it will fight to the bitter end, chewing mentally through anything that serves to remove it.

Promoting old behaviors, learned scenarios, traditional even at times inherited patterns to keep the illusion “alive”.

Whether it is dis-ease, inner child wounds, masculine, feminine, ancestral it all comes down to the original “sin” of separation.

Seeking soul mates, careers, the next pair of shoes, holidays, house, car, calling, the egoic mind will do all it can to find the answers.

To trap the rats burrowing into the shadow, not to rid them but prevent their discovery and what they have reproduced.

Something that can only be found beyond the fear of this rodent within us and the changes they will feed.

Beneath the still waters of our emotions, the light of those that have walked before us, and the depths of existence lies a reflection.

The vision of us.

The potential of all we are and ever have been.

The very stardust we are made of.

Find this and you’ll obtain your true soul’s worth and alignment.

If we let go of things , our life is going to change. And the reality is we are more afraid of change than we are of death!
Carolyn Myss

I didn’t realize this, truly, until I embodied recently, the beautiful gift of death.

The medicine.

I had always believed it was this that both I and society as a whole ran from.

Standing on top of our human chairs hoping if we stayed here, untouchable, this nocturnal creature would be unable to reach us.

And yet that very notion made no sense.

Inevitably, I had surrendered to its “dark” presence many years ago.

With the passing of my own star, my Aquarian grandmother.

And recently my beloved dog.

Like the Fool, I now have two familiars, one here running alongside me on our walks and Jess ensuring my path is energetically safe.

Since “crossing over” never has her knowledge been so profound!

Or my ability to receive it.

The biggest being related to Death and how there could be no separation when I truly walked alongside it through her.

Symbolic of endings, she has hunted out every, if not THE rat within me.

Missing her desperately, on a brisk cold morning I knew instantly I didn’t long for her but questioned what I could feel in my heart in her physical absence.

She was in truth still there in the love filling me and leaking, cleaning my own “inner sight”.

It was here she aided me to start flushing my cesspit so to speak.

Realizing Death wasn’t about releasing but absorbing.

At that moment I knew with such clarity the only thing that ever dies was the idea of separation, and with that, my own ego began to breathe its last breaths.

There comes a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom
Anais Nin

Have I killed off this part of myself?

( I told you I smelt a rat, right?!)

Clearly not.

Describing an aspect of my soul separately there is still an obvious individual and collective ongoing need to embrace all our trappings.

The continued journey around the Medicine wheel.

Spiraling in and out like the ripple of our own impact upon this Earth.

But I am opening my eyes.

( I can often, now, see a rat!)

Within all the murky waters of my creations.

And I’m accepting them and as such myself.

Bathing in my own healing I have this month performed fire ceremony and embraced others to reach, quite literally for the stars, holding space for perceived inadequacies as a result.

( One “pet” rat!)

I have cleansed my womb, sharing the sacred blessing online, during the day conceiving with the masculine energy of the sun any future births with the Eclipse and subsequently nurtured the shadow this union brought to my own awareness.

( A rodent couple!)

I have drunk of my own journeying, alongside a global meditation for a new connection to the Earth and breaking down old manifestation walls.

( Reproduction!)

And physically I have been hydrated with a routine that new serves me on all levels.

Releasing and improving space for future events including working alongside the NHS again on a holistic level.

I have received confirmation of my own knowledge and healing abilities regarding my physical health.

( Now to release my furry inner family from their cage of shame and guilt)

There is more to come, as the waters emotionally build to this New moon, the pressure will ultimately serve to form waves or contractions necessary for the, not work, but flow of what was and what could be to form in front of us.

How can we approach these tides?

By being the pied piper of our own dreams.

Calling for our hidden rodent.

A rat is neither good nor bad it does what a rat has to do
Jo Nesbo

Following on from this moon, we will see the Chinese New Year, a day later, and Burns night.

A time when collectively over 20 percent of the world celebrates the good fortune to come.

And the Scottish acknowledge Robert Burns for whom we owe thanks to every time we sing Auld Lang Syne ( albeit a month before!).

What do these two festivities have in common?

Gratitude for what is to come.

The true and complete beauty of all stories.

The two cups that nourish and ultimately feed us on our journey.

And the love of rodents!

Still, thou are blessed, compar’d wi’ me!
The present only toucheth thee:
But Och! I backwards cast my e’e
On prospects drear!
An’ forward tho’ I canna see,
I guess an’ fear!
“The mouse”
Robert Burns

The Chinese astrology embracing the Rat- suggests a time not only symbolic of a new day, wealth, surplus, cunning, and adaptable quick-witted solutions but also the repurpose and recycling of yin and yang in order to truly decipher needs versus wants.

Providing a unique insight not only to this New moon but the unwounded Emperor energy of the year, should we so wish to hear its tune!

This hairy totem advises us to look at the deeper more beautiful understandings of life in order to feel the balm of not always being appreciated, including our own judgments ( the other less spoken aspect of this year!)

Often feared, mistakenly considered the carrier of viruses ( ironic then that this has begun again in the area celebrating this animal!) we are advised to approach all things with caution and discernment this new moon, looking at what truly lies behind any dis-ease.

Sniffing out other rats including our own views- this energetic advisor is aware of the importance of foundation and suggest we don’t forget those that aided us to be where we are- In times of gypsy spirit to use our root chakra as a tail in order to balance our fidgety, midlife Emperors, for now at least.

There are many ways to do so, but the social activity of the rat suggests humor, intuition and being out in nature.

Using the cat  (Strength equivalent to the Star in the Tarot) of gratitude and good fortune to devour any infestations and initiate the presence of existing in this moment-the stillness that is available in the Star if we ignore the over-analyzing that comes from a place of mental perfectionism.

This ultimate fear of not being good enough, separate from the divine, where we came from leaves us unable to physically see all the realms and as such causes, much heartache for what we know is our truth.

It is this old wound, stale reflection, that has and continues to cloud the waters of any vision.

Be it our own or others, contaminating the very river from which we all drink, and requires collectively an acknowledgment of where we fill our cups.

Are you ready to celebrate yourself?


2 thoughts on “Gong Xi fa cai- here’s to the rats!

  1. So many wise educational pointers appreciated, as someone who, without looking, received the Emperor as representing my current next decade, as a sun-conjunct-chiron aquarian in my own returned year (I think only once in every 60) of the Metal Rat, as part Scottish loving Burns’ character, words and style, and finally being aware of my soul healing image, gained during the ATR course, of my crown chakra being an ever flowing goblet of divine energy, constantly refilled and conjoined to the universal central lightlifeglobe above….and very much Ace of Cups stuff.

    AND accepting and balancing all that..en-tails, at my root chakra 😉

    Death being about absorbing came to me 18 months ago on the suicide of my friend and yoga teacher, when I was drawn to walk, then intuit, the very cliff she jumped to her new life from – a very visceral knowing came..perhaps her de-parting gift to me and others that could sense that. Love which is life, doesn’t disappear; it finds a home in those ‘left’, in their energetic field, in their heart and soul and goes on. It is that real.

    ‘The repurpose and recycling of yin and yang in order to truly decipher needs versus wants’ rings a bell to all these threads, though is a koan-like mystery yet..if of course only just behind these visible scenes..

    ‘Where we fill our cups’ and how loving/compassionate/kind is your source….absolute.

    Fantastic aligning, clearing..stuff Kirsty 🙏🙏🙏🐀🐀🐀🏺🏺🏺🧹🧹🧹🧻🧻🧻🍵🍵🍵❤💛💚💙💜🖤


    • This is a wonder to read, thank you.

      And divine in timing with regards to the recent shared post/comments on Facebook together would you agree?

      What do we physically let go of… Nothing.

      And what do we therefore in this knowing attune to… Everything.

      Much love to you.

      Thank you greatly for your comment, clarity, time and existence xx


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