Where have all the cowboys gone?- At home, where the heart is, waiting for our return.

“She made me who I am and holding her within my arms was more natural to me than my own heartbeat”

I turned my alarm off today.

Reaching over to hold my husband, to cuddle into his familiar scent, taking a moment to “be” with my masculine.

The chores and to-do list could wait.

Breathing him in, watching his often-tense body, now relaxed with each rise and fall of his symbolically tattooed back.

Every picture a story of the man he was and had become.

Each tale inked upon my own heart with the love and respect I have for his journey.
It hasn’t always been this way.

So, caught in my own wounds towards the masculine I have often struggled to open to this energy within and around me.

My own stories of abandonment, less than ideal relation”shits” and judgement on how “union” should be from soul mates to twin flames, fierce independence that stifled any romance to lust so deep it crumbled my once structured life.

But it took the masculine, all his flawed glory, to truly birth the woman I now am.

My father surrounded by addictions forced into submission by his own demons led to my fierce independence.

A younger brother so strong-willed, having fought genetic disorders and tumors his whole life encouraged my own positivity towards health and healing.

My son. My greatest miraculous creation. Informed by the patriarchal establishment he would never occur, now a man has stretched my womb’s ability to birth my heart’s desires.

And my now-husband, gently and at times soul tiringly conceiving the very notion of self-worth and its remembrance deep within my core.

Aiding the delivery of my soul.
Yes, men are doulas too!

Past the pain, insights, forgiveness, and awareness these souls have embedded within me, in the stillness of this morning, it was I, that held the masculine that had supported me.

Maybe not always how I would have liked, but definitely how I needed and the sheer gratitude I felt became the induction of my ever-expanding heart.

“You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him”
Booker T Washington.

I have felt for some time the removal and separation of women from the sacred masculine collectively.

I have understood and supported the rise of the feminine and watched in awe as she merged into the vessel for great creations from the “new Earth” through to the clear vision of 20.20.

Witnessing within myself and others deep healing and cleansing of the sacred womb, primed and ready, ovulating for new experiences.

But along the way, as she has risen from the ashes, I have seen and felt the masculine disappear, descending into the underground.

Gestating, I hope.
Within the womb of this ever-evolving Pachamama, ready to be birthed.
The “new” yet old masculine.
The original yet improved.

Not through his own individual changes alone but healed through love.

Fully able to express his desires, longings, pain, and emotion without the fear of judgement, overzealous meanings” or injured females, originally destined to deliver him by holding space for his rebirth: Through their eyes and how they reflect him, their womb and how they accept him, their hearts and how they love him and the very hands that touch him.

Through their courage to BE him.

I see so many posts “searching” for the ideal man, the sacred masculine.

This morning I shared one, calling, almost from the male within me, to all who wanted to hear.

I found myself relating it to empowered, self-claimed, divine goddesses, often from their own survival of less “spiritual” men, that had separated themselves into gender duality.
Looking for their external soul mate.

Unaware, this split within their incomplete energy often matched and attracted similar pain in another.

No judgement.
Part of the glorious healing journey of oneness and unconditional love.

An aspect it seems I am to have a larger role in this year, although anxious I feel incredibly grateful.

“The union of feminine and masculine energy, within the individual, is the basis of all creation”
Shakti Gawain

Having a son, and two glorious grandsons, one so emotionally open I fear the world will eat him alive, the other so Intune he has figured out exactly how to get what he wants at an incredibly young age, along with alarmingly increasing suicide rates in the male community, I embrace my internal awareness for change.

Tuning into today’s guidance I found myself noticing the possibility of working alongside my brothers in arms to aid their own journey.

Providing a sacred space for their evolution where they too can find an advocate, to birth their soul potential.

A home.

Isn’t this in truth what we all hope for?

A place where we are welcomed, nurtured, cared for and respected enough to be who we are in each and every moment, be it our country, relationships or purpose.

Ultimately, somewhere to fit in with our own s(kin)!

Understanding with this new path my own vibration will adapt, becoming swifter, clearer, targeted and lighter I am fully appreciative of the combined steps taken to become “m-ale”, my own merged tale.

Changing all I do from my behavior, my stories even my own energetic connection to my higher evolved self, there is much to remove from the outer layer I live in.

 I feel it occurring collectively, shedding daily, preparing for the return of the Sacred Union, the one “be-loved”

Acceptance of it all, encompassing.

No gender.

The strength of the combined blood that runs through us all, the iron of the Earth, the element within all fe-males!

The ability to be open and focused.

To see the wood in the trees so to speak.

Aware of creation as itself.

Within us and around us.

“When the sacred masculine is combined with the sacred feminine within each of us, we create the sacred marriage of compassion and passion within ourselves.”
Matthew Fox

Facilitating men and women alike to express how Great Spirit resides in and through them.

We are ready.

To conceive this notion.

We have been stripped, naked as the lovers, and gifted emotional knowledge.

The intelligence that animalistically runs through us, as divine channels we are feeling this on a mass level, and all the wounds these desires or rather guilt and shame hiding them brings.

To be heard
To “be-longed”

It is only when this is empowered to reside within us and grow from a space of acceptance that the true gestation of the Emperor can occur.

Our actions become soul led.

Words, thoughts, and deeds form peace and love.

And our will becomes victoriously free.

Like the 6 of Wands drawn from my subconscious holster this morning and the relevant message, we stop hunting from a place of low worth, end internal and thus external war, release the lasso around our previous experiences, open our internal albeit raw heart and welcome all aspects of the soul home.

Are you ready to get back in the saddle of your life?


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