Loose lips, when widened by the moon, bare the greatest fangs!

” Love isn’t soft like the poets say.

Love has teeth which bite.

And the wounds never close.”

Stephen King

A few days back, waking amidst many surreal dreams leading up to this full moon, I received to write a blog for Friday into Saturday and the upcoming energies.

By the time I had risen, it had disappeared, a message of advice, if drilled in the next few days!


I racked my mind, tried to regain the wisdom that had revealed itself, unsuccessfully, knowing inside there was more to come, but also that the past is just that.

Taking stock, stepping back and waiting, patiently for the bigger picture.

The next week brought several reminders not only regarding the sovereignty in truly being seen, embracing our inner light, and allowing all to see, but the necessary balance required.

Yet somehow it hadn’t all quite integrated, aware of endings and where this could take me, something was waiting to be opened further.


I needed a dentist.

Canceling my appointment several times, today on the 9.9 portal, finding myself full of anxiety, mouth wide to its full capacity, I began to recall the insights over the last week or even nine months and more regarding Strength and power.
Amazed at how my body could respond to her constant piercing, anesthetic merely numbing my lip, I could feel the pain in my mouth responding within different areas of my body.

Unsurprisingly, I have a very evolved dentist, we discussed the true energy behind teeth, linked into heart disease, the meridian lines within us and even potential itself, often worn by tribes as a symbol of the skill they were intending to absorb.

Returning home feeling worse for wear to workmen repairing the next door to me, bringing back the sound and subsequent pain of the dentist drill, and lessons, I found a package, a gift.

Soaking through the wrapping like the layer now removed from my teeth, the emotional water that had cleared the way showed a small lion with rainbow hair, desperate to be brought inside, repackaged and returned to where it belonged, having been sent to the “wrong” place.

Strength had arrived at my door.

But it was a puppet, for someone else.

Acknowledging it was time to bear witness for my own healing, lighting the fire, embracing myself in blankets and self-care, I held this message in my vision for some time.


Why send me the Strength of another, or was it about me returning it?

It felt Karmic and infinite.

The knowing just how easy it was for power and fun to end up in the hands of someone else and yet aware I would return it, grateful for its synchronistic arrival on a new level.

Videoing a small insight and sharing it on Facebook, I found myself addressing the energies to come, whilst physically holding my sloping lip, adamant I “had something to say” I could thankfully laugh at myself, my own inner force.


Recalling the guidance from my dream, now, when the time was right I began to think of all the past life clearing that had occurred over the last few months and the irony my next dentist appointment was on Friday the 13th, a day of “bad luck” but also related to the Goddess, the Divine Feminine pictured upon the Strength card within the Tarot.

I could feel the very might behind these changes, the torrential storms, the anxiety as a nation regarding certainty, individual and collectively the noises surrounding me.

The work occurring in the background to open or repair the doors we had been looking for, as a result of all the boring into ourselves, others and the Earth herself that had occurred.


And whilst I have no real knowledge of Astrology, I could feel the to and fro around me, from Brexit to the weather and decided to no longer let outside circumstances pull my strings, it was time to take back my own connection.

A balance only found with Death (13) on one side, Temperance (14) on the other and the beauty of divine strength and gentility between them.

Then and only then can there be a release and birth on the deepest of levels, guided by the fish of the zodiac, the psyche.

This full moon, peaking on Saturday the 14th, is known as the Harvest moon, a chance to truly reap what we have sown, yet positioned in Pisces.



In order to regain our smile so to speak, we often need to remove the destructive plaque once and for all, that has begun to eat away at the very foundations within our connection, not only can this erode our ability, it affects our energy and eventually our heart consciousness.

We then must continue to brush away the stains that may return through what we consume, its an ongoing process, requiring regular “check-ups”.

We have the option this week, go to another to find our strength, have it stripped from us, taking anything we can to numb the pain, became embedded in the ever forceful prising of change around us on a level so deep we could and probably never will extract the decay of or we can lie back, hold our position, breathe and allow the repairing of any holes as they occur.

It really doesn’t matter, like the lion now sat patiently waiting to be sent forward, all roots ( pun intended) return us home.

What we now decide is how.

By making an appointment with ourselves, consulting our needs and implanting them.


Not really.


It’s just a matter of removing the braces, old beliefs that once supported us, so we can see the new, aligned formation within us.

To open wide our hearts, minds and souls not towards others but ourselves, for any fish knows we are all part of the same school!

We aid others from our own level of understanding, pain reflects pain, peace serenity and so forth, the infinite swim of us all within a large watery super consciousness shone upon us this Full moon.


So if you find yourselves reacting be it from the heart, your body, your mouth even, after all when the lips are numbed the “truth” may come, stop, pause, place your finger on your lip and see who or what your dentist is asking you to acknowledge in the mirror, the removal of unnecessary build-up.

Only then do we truly regain our enamel!

Here’s to those pearly whites!

Say aaahhhh!!


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